Exclusive discussion with PD developers

I didn’t write it, and I don’t write for RG anymore, but I reckon Darran can do with the extra publicity.


Basically in a two part feature, the guys behind the PD games talk candidly about making the games. I’ve read it briefly in the newsagents, since I’m loathe to pay Imagine Publishing any money (they still owe me magazines with my work in them), but the article deserves to be read by more people. Some really interesting revelations direct from the guys who did it.

?4.99!? Eeeh. Is it worth it?

I can’t speak for what goes on behind the scenes at Imagine, but I’ve always enjoyed the actual finished and published product of Retro Gamer and I buy the magazine regularly. It’s certainly come on leaps and bounds since the old Live Publishing era, and pleasingly there’s little overlap between RG and the Retro section in the other Imagine gaming magazine GamesTM.

Part One of the PD retrospective was quite interesting, particularly because they’ve secured a proper developer interview - it also offered a measure of closure on the old “Emerald Dragon” pre-alpha question by answering questions about early design direction. I started a thread about it here.

Good to hear from you by the way, Mr. Szczepaniak! I lost track of you after you left RG; what are you up to nowadays?

Details, more juicy details. I reckon I won’t be able to get the mag :anjou_disappointment:

“Back to the 80s” shouldn’t include PD.

That’s a pet peeve of mine.

I should look and see if I find a copy here. If i pick up the mag, I’ll post some info.

Back to the 80s is a separate thing…

Anyway, I didn’t realise you’d started a topic, I did a quick search a few pages back and found no topics with RG or interviews in it. My mistake.

Right now I’m a sub-editor for a bigger, better publisher that pays more.

I’m glad you guys are keeping track of this article, since I saw it in Smiths and my heart sunk when I realised that despite having developer commentary, not as many people would read it as it deserves. Do a scan if needs be.

Gawd… Sloppy typing this morning, only just got up to check emails. Cya!