Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

I played this for the first time this weekend, and really enjoyed it. I won’t put any spoilers in this post but I’d be really interested to hear the thoughts of others regarding the story of the game (remember to use the spoiler tag!).

I loved being able to wander around a setting so familiar to me (an English village) in such beautiful detail. The game ran like a dog until I limited it to 30fps (PC, 1060 6GB) which normally I’d be aghast at, but, the cinematic nature of the game meant this wasn’t really an issue.

I know the walking speed is really slow, and I know this game falls into the oft-derided “walking simulator” genre, but really it’s a special experience to be able to loose yourself in for 8 hours or so (yeah I checked every nook and cranny!). Its atmospherically astounding.

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