Ever wondered what "ln" meant?

the Panzer length unit is

1 Ln = 1,111111111111111111 meters


YAY!!! My dream of a full-scale Atolm model draws ever closer!

Thanks KFC. Ah, may I ask how you came upon that tidbit of useful information, or will men in black suits come to my house to get me if you tell me? :wink:

Interesting. I’ll have to post that on my website.

I thought it said “In.” because my tv is pretty sucky.

I wondered what was up with giant monsters being less than two feet long.

Neil,I thought you were better than that.I mean you are part of this communitty for more than an year now and still dunno that KFC is full of it.


in my PDZ game guide book the measurements of the vehicles are in meters. i just cross compared the length of some vehicles that appear in PDZ and PDS, and it works perfectly.

Hmm… in addition to Team Andromeda thinking up a whole world and making up their own language, they’d even started on their own system of measurements too. The level of detail they put into the PD universe never ceases to surprise me.

Just out of interest, does anyone know what a “rion” is? It’s another kind of measurement mentioned somewhere in PDS, but I wasn’t sure if it was just some obscure / non-English real-world measurement…

since Ri can also be pronounced as Li I’m pretty sure Ln is short for LioN =)

Well spotted; I guess my Engrish is a bit rusty these days :slight_smile:

So - digging info out of this PDS text dump that I’m working on - when the Seekers say that the Infested Grig Orig and related monsters are 2500 rions away from the Stronghold, they’re literally saying that they are 2777.78 meters away (go calculator!) which is just under 2 miles. That would make sense, considering that they can see Grig Orig up close through that little telescope.

It seems that Team Andromeda didn’t mess about when it came to putting “detail” into their fictional world… :slight_smile:

Heh, it makes my head spin.

It’s always interesting to have a distance-measure conversion with repeating decimals. :slight_smile:

In Pandora’s Box (PDO) it says uses the word “Leen” to describe the measurements of the Panzer world. I assume this is the same as ln.

And lordcraymen, I was wondering what you were on about until I remembered than in Germany a comma is used instead of a point… you meant 1.111111111111111111 right? 1,111111111111111111 would make for some very huge creatures! :slight_smile:

yes of course i meant a decomal point/comma. its basically 1 with 0.111111111 added to it