Euro PS3 gets first next-gen in-game RUMBLE!

Immersion and Sony kiss and make up!

Now that Sony and Immersion have settled their suit, Sony and Immersion have released a next gen 1st party title that INCLUDES rumble (in the form of force-feedback)!

Since Sony has been doing a wonderful job of going back on previous statements (but at the same time, eating crow for the good of their fans) these days … how long do you think we’ll have to wait till we see a rumble enabled SixaxiS controller?

I’m guessing by the 07’ holidays.

Force feedback is not rumble and games have supported it before the immersion deal. I don’t know if this version of GTHD is related to the new deal but I don’t see any reason at all for it. After all, the problem was their implementation of the tech in dual shock, not something software based. That’s completely different than a racing wheel with force feedback (again, not rumble) and that’s the reason wheels that work with the PS3 exist, and games that use said wheels exist before GTHD. If GTHD wants to be a serious racer then it’s only natural for it to support racing wheels and their features.

I suppose their previous problems with immersion may have had them “punished” and being unable to offer that kind of features even in their software (though I find it highly unlikely, especially for the case of Force Feedback which again is not rumble) and that’s the reason the GTHD update came now. Of course until there’s a controller with the rumble feature then it is pointless to relate all this to… Well, to the rumble feature.