Eternal Sonata!

Anyone else interested in Eternal Sonata? While it has the makings of your typical JRPG, it utilizes some very sharp looking toon shading, has some outstanding music (which is to be expected given the game’s focus around Fryderyk Chopin), and apparently offers some interesting gameplay. It has a small element of strategy in the combat and is turn-based, though each turn is handled in real-time, with 5 seconds to attack, move, and cast as many spells as you can (there’s no MP). 1up has a nice article on it.

Worldwide release this summer. Between this, Mass Effect, Blue Dragon, and Lost Odyssey at year’s close, things are looking better in the RPG department for the console.

I don’t know if I can drag myself away from WoW long enough. Plus, I have a long list of games to play already.

I think I’ll wait for the inevitable 360 price drop that we’ll see to kick Sony in the nuts while its down.

It kind of reminds me of Rhapsody for the Playstation; I would not be surprised if it’s its spiritual successor.

Any relation to Eternal Arcadia?

None that I know of, heh. The game’s developed by Namco.

I’m really looking forward to this game, like you said Parn it has a really unique style that makes it stand out.

Even though it’s called Eternal Sonata, I see it as a “Tales of” game for some reason, but thats not a bad thing. I loved Tales of Symphonia, so now I associate Namco=Tales of RPG only.

In an interview with one of the localization specialists on Gamespot (don’t know if this is known already) it was mentioned that there will be ten playable characters throughout the game, with new characters coming under you control almost right up to the end.

I just hope there will be an option to go through the game again with your leveled up characters and items after you finish it once.

Can’t wait.

The thought of playing a famous composer and listening to his music while playing the game is firing all my circuits. The last game that catered to classical music lovers was Mad Maestro, and that game was. . . well.

That’s the exact sentiment I share regarding this game… the style just reminds me of Tales of Symphonia, only a LOT nicer looking due to a larger budget and a much more powerful console. The localization seems solid enough from the video footage I’ve seen, so I’m definitely anxious!