Eternal Glacies questions

  1. Where the hell did that bridge lead to? It looked as if it went on forever.

  2. When your flying after the bridge collapses, you can see little pillars and such sticking out of the water, looking like the first level from PD. Could this be the same place?

It might’ve been possible that first episode in PD and the fifth episode in PDO were the same place, as the Great Fall caused much of the landscaspe to change throughout the continent. However, according to Pandora’s Box, the Glacial Plains was:

“A region of permafrost that dominates the northernmost lands of the Continent. According to excavation researchers, the area rapidly froze over around the same time when the Ancient Age came to an end. How the two events are connected is yet to be explained.”

So it sounds like the area has been frozen since long before the Great Fall. The Ancients probably constructed similar pillars throughout the continent.

it also seems that the flora and fauna has adopted quite well, something that wouldn’t happen in 30 years or less.

I always suspected level 1 of Panzer Dragoon to be Uru. >.>;;

[quote]I always suspected level 1 of Panzer Dragoon to be Uru. >.>;;

They could be from the same civilization, but I thought according to the maps they are in distinctly different places- but again it could be like how Rome has ruins in England and Africa.

You get similar pillar things in Zwei, they’re on the first level and appear to be wooden.

Just so you all know, the first level of Panzer Dragoon is NOT Uru. On the Tower map, it clearly shows that Panzer Dragoon takes place in the deep north, while PDS takes place in the south.

If this weren’t true, then the Tower of Uru would have been the destination in the original panzer dragoon, and we all know that the Tower in PD1 was clearly destroyed - hence, why stage 1 could not be Uru. Add in the fact that there are buildings in the PD1 level 1 ruins, and none in Uru, clearly demonstrates my point.

No need to chomp my nose off for making assumptions. o.o;; At first glance they could easily be the same location.

CHOMP… damn it’s about time I play through Saga again… right after I get a TV…

I have the TV, I just need to get off my bum and get a lithium battery for my Saturn.

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Well just by looks,

I always thought The Fallen Ground Ep in Orta , Takes place in the very 1st Ep onthe 1st panzer Dragoon, just without any water . The pillars were much the same.

Also thought that the City inthe Storm Ep in Orta take place inthe very 1st level of SAGA. The way the mine shafts go into the walls/cliffs is much the same to look at .

But those are just going by the looks,

I thought the Fallen Ground episode was in the same place as Ep. 2 of PDZ, so I think I’m as wrong as everyone. :slight_smile: