Eternal Arcadia LE Box stuff

Shared this stuff with the GHZ, so I figured some of you might like it too. I’d been meaning to do this for what seems like forever, but finally took some pictures. I’d have scanned pages of the artbook if I had a scanner, but alas… digital camera will do. I snapped only the pages with art that you wouldn’t find elsewhere on some random RPG-related site. Pictures hoy!

My apologies for raping your bandwidth, even if I am five years late with the pictures and all.

For more amusement, videos of special moves with the Japanese voice acting:

Alpha Storm
Lunar Glyph
Jolly Roger (Pirates’ Wrath)
Air Smash (Rain of Swords)

Engrish is fun.

Good Stuff! I always wanted to see what was in the book in terms of art. I love Skies of Arcadia, thanks for the pics Parn!