Eschalon: Book I - A traditional CRPG

Eschalon: Book I

I mentioned this elsewhere but it deserves its own thread so I’ll write a little something.

It does what it says on the tin and that is the best compliment I can make. Recommended to everyone starved for a good old school single player RPG. The Witcher (one of the few true RPGs that have been released recently) sure is great but Eschalon: Book I offers a different kind of fun that I’m sure many have missed. As an added bonus, it runs on Windows, Linux and Mac so most everyone should be able to enjoy it.

Eschalon: Book I

I love the little details like being able to smash enemies under portcullis, the risk of getting diseases from searching long dead bodies, the way alchemy works and many other things.

The available media and the old trailer don’t do justice to the game and its simple but effective mechanics. There’s a demo available so you can try before you buy. Just don’t give up until you get the hang of the RPG system. It shouldn’t take longer than exploring the starting areas and then fully completing the first small dungeon you may come across.

Eschalon: Book I

I’m looking forward to Book II already.

You must be really keen on this game, having posted the link three times in one post :wink:

But it does seem like a solid old school style game - having played the demo for a few minutes, but not having the chance to try it in depth, it seems like it could be a lot of fun. I’ll have to give it another go if I have some spare time tomorrow.

Thanks for posting.