End of E3?

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If it’s true I personally don’t mind that much.It will certainly buy the developers sometime…

Buy them time for what? This is only for the big publishers to save some money or something. I guess they didn’t like spending cash for an event where there’s such direct competition and other companies can “steal” the show. Still, it’s probably a bad idea anyway, no single company can make an event that will attract the same attention (except perhaps the likes of Nintendo and others of that caliber), and even if they can they will have to spend more than they would at E3.

I don’t really care either, I just don’t think there’s any benefit and it was still neat to have a period where we get hammered with news and announcements about new games like it happens during TGS.

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E3 isn’t going to be cancelled completely. I have to say I’m glad. From a consumers perspective it’s nice to have a whole heap of trailers for new games to download over the several days that E3 is on for.

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E3 isn’t going to be cancelled completely. I have to say I’m glad. From a consumers perspective it’s nice to have a whole heap of trailers for new games to download over the several days that E3 is on for.[/quote]

I’m glad to hear that. I’ve always liked the week e3 is on and all the news that comes out at once.

It seems clear that no one, not even the ESA know what it will become though. If all the big developers truly don’t want to participate anymore then it can’t be considered a downsizing but more a forced marginalising. It’s been a trade show all along but if the prime movers of the biz aren’t pumping it up they may be better served turning it into a public event, or as the Next-Gen blurb seems to suggest it may become a purely press based event.

I think I can understand the psychology of it, it’s mostly just a big fantasy. It’s basically a party the people who it would have the best effect on only get to experience vicariously. Unlike TGS, and I have to wonder about that.

One increasing problem for publishers is that as E3 grew and grew, media had less time to actually cover anything at the show in detail. So, all the real in-depth interviews and game previews started happening before the show. Which means you had even less time to prepare, and the point of the show became more and more diluted.

Don’t know if it’s merely being downsized or cancelled outright, though.

I think it got like most shows , too much presentation and less about people/press being able to play game code . Now its all fancy intro?s and big screen presentations. I wouldn’t miss E3 if it goes to say the truth and the same goes for the Toyko game Show too .

You learn very little from those shows , that you didn’t now 2 weeks prior to the event

For finishing the games?It’s a fact that a lot of developers lose time preparing material for the show.

After watching a few “booth” and “from the floor” footage, the noise and distractions seem so over the top I imagine it would be difficult for journalists to actually get a lot of coverage on a wide range of games. I couldn’t be fussed if E3 stayed or faded away. The point of the thing was to help the industry as a whole and I think that task has been achieved with the billions the industry now commands today.

Meh, if it’s so difficult how come so many websites and magazines show off all the show floor game footage and developer interviews etc…

As for the “not wasting time” bit, I’m sure that trailers and other such promotional material will be created regardless of having the show to attent. It’s not like we only get that sort of thing during E3.

You DO know tho. that there’s a lot of pressure for E3 specifically right?

The people crying for E3 to stay are (for the most part) are trying to fight for the free parties and booze and whatnot that they’ve grown so accustomed to, or they are sincerely talking about the fact that E3 is a good chance for the industry to raise awareness of what’s going on and get the focus of the world on the big announcements and whatnot. It’s getting to the point where there is so much going on that anything less than announcing a new platform gets lost in the shuffle, but it used to be great to use E3 as a means to announce a new game and ensure that a lot of people would be really interested in hearing about it (if just for that week).

Hopefully, the refocusing of E3 will help reduce the exhorbitant costs and people would actually be able to get some work done!

[quote=“Abadd”], but it used to be great to use E3 as a means to announce a new game and ensure that a lot of people would be really interested in hearing about it (if just for that week).


That it did , but that doesn’t happen anymore and I can’t but think the internet has also a roll to play in this, as it done with the death of the gaming mag’s.

Back inthe old days I used to count down the weeks left till the new issue of Mean Machines, GameFan or Saturn Mag so I could get my fix of gaming news , even by the time the mag shipped the news was 4 weeks out of date. Well the internet put pay to that as soon I as got it. Now all we’re left with is rubbish gaming mags so bias is unture and not worth the effort.

I think E3 ect is going the sameway. Now news of big games and new hardware come out onthe internet months before big shows like E3. It not a The surprise anymore , now it just all glitz and glamour and how got the best booth baby’s or the best big screen . Very little of people get to see or play is new, most is what the press have been playing and reporting on weeks before the shows or what the big corps having been showing off @ thier own events.

Also with stuff like LIVE downloads of game demo and videos the likes of E3 become even less important to me.

How much does it cost of a booth @E3 for the likes of SEGA ect ? Tons I bet and then you have to ship the Team heads over there ect . For what to show off games we’ve all seen before

E3 still makes an impression, IMO. Just look at this year’s E3 with the Wii.
It might not have the same impact as it did before the Internet came along, but it still enough to bring back the convention every year. I never knew about the troubles E3 had until now, but hopefully these changes will be for the better.

The internet existed even back in the Saturn days you know… Just because you didn’t have access to it yourself, doesn’t mean other people weren’t already only checking online for news and such. Magazines are here to stay and the internet is not the reason they have degraded in quality. They are simply going more and more mainstream just like the games themselves. Still there are quality computer related magazines left to buy. You can get the info online yourself for sure but the point is that good quality magazines do all the research and present the things that matter rather than require you to visit 100 or so different websites and do your own research and find what matters to you. So, yeah. If you have time for that more power to you but a lot of people don’t, or prefer to spend that time doing something else, so magazines still sell and will keep selling imo.

Look the internet back inthe Saturn days was nothing like it is now, and yes I did have back in those days thanks to my uncle (I was a SEGAnet nut ;), but it’s nothing like it is now with professional websites and almost TV quality game video downloads ect.

As for gaming mags they are on hier way out mate, sure you’ll still have 2 or 3 , But I remember inthe Mega Drive days they being at least 10 mags just for the Mega Drive alone , and most were pretty decent to read, unlike the Bias drivel we have to read now The 360 official X-Box Mag is just dire and so bias its untrue. Now with LIVE downloads of demos I bet that will take away from sales

The Internet has changed the way people get their gaming info. Back in the day you couldn’t stream/download gameplay videos. And yes, there used to be MANY more gaming magazines as compared to today. But I think gaming mags will sell as long as they have “exclusive” previews, reviews, screens, etc of new games way before places like gamespot or ign get them. I’m sure your average xbox fanboy will grab the latest gamepro if they have new info and screens on the next halo game, especially if that info isn’t even on the net yet.

Speaking of E3 here’s the best E3 trailer I’ve ever seen. Never forget the 1st time I saw it on video, I needed a new pair of pants ;).


Love the music 2:25 minutes in, God is just so beautiful