Emulated images of PDS needed for Retro Gamer article

Greetings all

You may remember me as the guy who wrote the last Panzer Dragoon article in GamesTM magazine. There were scans posted up I believe.

Anyway, I now have a fulltime job on Retro Gamer, and I’m about to start writing, today, a four page “Why You Must Play” article on Panzer Dragoon Saga.

I have a Saturn, S-Video lead, my mint condition copy of the game, and a save cartridge with save data from the end. Unfortunately the only PC at work which can use S-Video is owned by someone else meaning I need to take these during lunch, plus S-Video doesn’t do this magnificent game justice.

I would emulate it, but I haven’t got the needed emulation files or the time to finish it all over again (the articles needs to be done in like 3 days, tops).

So I have a favour to ask.

Does anyone have a save file for an emulated game of PDS, and would be able to provide high qaulity emulated screengrabs for the article?

I would of course credit Panzerdragoon.net

Also, who is in charge of the PD art website? I tried emailing him but the mail was bounced. Since I was hoping to use some of the art in the article too.

What I need for the article:

  • Close up shot of each of the main dragon forms:
  • MAX attack
  • MAX defence
  • MAX speed
  • MAX spirit
  • Neutral
  • Light Wing (not essential)
  • Some decent close-up shots of several prominent bosses. Grig-Orig, Azel’s dragon, some large biomonster bosses, and so on.

  • High resolution scans of the artwork on the back of the PAL boxes. I’m dedicating a boxout to key characters like Edge, Zastava, Craymen, Azel, Paet, Gash, and so on. But I’d like to use original artwork not in-game screens. There are some large portraits on the PD art website… But they look handpainted by the owner, as opposed to scans of Sega-made art. Can I use these?

  • Some close-up shots of either general monsters, OR, friendly creatures like the flying owl thing by the Uru ruins, and also the whale. Basically if I can get shots of 5 seperate five freindly creatures, I can dedicate a boxout to them.

  • Expansive shots of key locales - desert ruins, forest, Uru ruins, mining area, and so on.

The way the article works is, I have 6 boxouts, each themed, with 6 shots for each. Right now I’m thinking of maybe the following:

Dragon Forms
Main characters
Big bosses
Influences (Nausica, etc)

Also, does anyone have links to the online interviews where the guys behind the PD series stated what their influences were? I remember them mentioning Mad Max quite a few times, and other very interesting bits of info.

If you can provide images, my email:

Also, please keep this article confidential - I don’t want rival mags knowing what we’re planning at the moment.

Also, the link to the Panzer Dragoon language dictionary is down:

Does anyone have a mirror, or a saved archive page?

I could really do with it. Hmm, I should have probably saved a copy myself. Dang…

I should be able to help you out with the scans, possibly the screenshots too.

I actually have scans of the PAL boxes already, because I did them for panzerdragoon.net’s “game info” section a while back:

panzerdragoon.net/game_info/ … pal_04.jpg
panzerdragoon.net/game_info/ … pal_06.jpg

Those images are (of course) scaled and compressed, but I still have the original scans which I could send.

Emulated images might be a tricker issue. While making content for the site I’ve built up a large stockpile of emulated screenshots, as well as several save games that would make it easy to get more. However, the emulator I used (GiriGiri) renders graphics at a noticeably higher resolution and quality than the Saturn itself. The bottom line is, the images don’t look quite like they would look on a “real” Saturn, which means they might not be appropriate for your purposes. Have a look here for some examples:


If screenshots from that emulator would be appropriate, I can likely provide the shots you’re after. If not, there’s at least one newer emulator (SSF) that might be able to run the game properly, though I don’t have any screenshots or saves from that emulator already made.

All of the PD artwork on that site is official stuff, though several pieces are concept art or sketches that don’t always depict things from the finished game. The watercolour-style images of the PDS characters, like this, are definitely official if they’re what you meant (they used to be on Team Andromeda’s own website).


Thanks for the scans - if you have higher resolution images then feel free to email them. That would be awesome!

No no no! That’s precisely why we want to use emulated screens - because they look so much better than taking S-Video screens. I saw those images, as did my editor, and we were really excited by astounding quality of them.

If you have a stockpile of screens and are willing to provide them, I might not even bother taking any grabs, and would use emulated screens exclusively.

Thank you so much for the offer! With those, the article will look truly stunning.

I’m going off to lunch in a bit, but when I return I’ll put a list of specific screens I’m after.

Do not worry about trying to get them perfect, or spending time with this - send along the nearest shot you have in the stockpile, and that should be more than fine. I don’t want you to go to too much trouble over this, especially when all I can do for credit is a thank you at the end of the article.

I only need in-game screens, not FMVs :slight_smile:

Locations, just one should do:

  • Above Uru ? day + sunset
  • Uru passageway shot
  • Underground ruins of Uru
  • Garil Desert (showing some pillars and the wrecked ship at the same time, if possible, or alternatively a worm arching against the sky)
  • Forbidden Zone/Georgius
    Kinda like this, maybe?: pdsoasis.panzerdragoon.net/Georgius15locat.jpg
  • Imperial Fort (the night time attack) - as long as there are plenty of light sources and it’s not too black, perhaps as the camera pans around the central structure?
  • Inside the forest of Zoah, without flames. Maybe when you reach that central structure and there’s plenty of open space?

ENEMIES - if you haven’t got any saves or images during the actual fight, then the encyclopedia images will be fine :slight_smile:

  • Grig Orig
  • Railroad Missile at the imperial base (an image from the actual fight would be awesome)
  • Atolm Dragon
  • Guardian Dragon
  • Basilus
  • Lathum

Dragon Forms, based on moving the pointer, close-up - maybe based on the last transformation? Any will do though:

  • MAX Attack form
  • MAX Spirit form
  • MAX Defence form
  • MAX Speed form
  • Neutral form

I need to include general images too, so if you have any of these things, feel free to email em along, though it’s not essential that you take time out to specifically capture them. Send whatever you have that’s closest.

  • An image showing Panzerese script or symbols - for a boxout on the language (I found an archived version of the dictionary)
  • Tobitama
  • Uru whale
  • A couple from inside the tower
  • Canyon gulch above the water
  • An Edge campsite
  • A hunter campsite
  • A couple from inside the Zoah holy district, and also the section outside of the holy district
  • Inside/outside the seeker stronghold
  • Zastava flying his gunship
  • Some imperial gunships and other cool looking vehicles
  • The underground dome
  • Images from fights against strange looking creatures - choose whatever you like, or whatever is close to hand.

If you have any spares, chuck along any which you think look nice. If you’ve got time. Honestly, please don’t spend an entire afternoon taking these, since the nearest best thing will be fine.

If you’re very busy, then just send whatever you’ve got and I’ll adapt the article to suit.

I’ve credited you at the end as follows:

Special thanks to Lance Way for providing emulated screenshots, plus also www.moonapples.com/lagi/ for assistance.

No problem, I should have shots of almost everything on that list already. Expect an email with this stuff sometime this evening.

Awesome! Many many thanks! :anjou_happy:


The issue featuring the four page article will be on sale in the UK on February the 1st. If anyone gets an issue, feel free to make scans and post them up here for everyone to enjoy. :slight_smile:

Thanks again to Lance for providing images. Both you and this site have been credited in the article.

Awesome! I can’t wait to grab a copy!

I saw a Retro Gamer at Barnes and Noble with a huge section about Panzer Dragoon. It was about the best retro games of all time. Perhaps this is an older issue and there’s another one coming out later? I can’t wait to pick up this issue also.

The one you mention was our anthology issue of older articles - including a much older PD article, which, ironically, I also had help from this forum writing. But that came out months ago. The one mentioned in this topic is an entirely new one.

Actually, there should be scans of the old article on this forum somewhere…

I think its really cool how you get the chance to publish PDS stuff for the world to see
especially using TWOTA for advice =D

(and using strangly similar TWOTA styled background for the pages too >_>)
hehe j/k

I know it comes out in Feb but will the retro gamer issue be the feb issue or march?

what will be the cover?

I’m not allowed to say what’s on the cover (yet), but if you check our official website, the cover along with what’s in the mag will be shown. Our forum also carries a feedback topic with more detailed info on the articles, and people’s reactions to them. On sale February 01.

Issues can be bought directly from out online store:

Just click on “Retro Gamer” in the column on the left hand side.

The current issue is the Street Fighter one, the next issue will be the one with the PDS article.

The one you mention was our anthology issue of older articles - including a much older PD article, which, ironically … <<

is there a way to purchase this one online as well?

It’s this one, which is out of stock:
imagineshop.co.uk/products_s … typeID=106

But it was just GamesTM reprints. eBay might be your best bet, since the whole office has run out now.

Magazine is back from the printers. Here’s a preview of the cover and other articles:

retrogamer.net/forum/viewtop … 97&start=0

Ranger X, Dungeon Master AND Panzer Dragoon Saga all in one issue?!?!?!

goes to heaven

wow, this site is making moves.