El shaddai

I love surreal games and I noticed that game “el shaddai” hulking under the radar.

Aside the totally gorgerous style I really umm… started to be irritated by the… lets say “overly gorgerous slightly underdressed” male actors screaming “buffy” and “angel” at me - sometimes I had the score of ymca in mind but hey mind my imagination.

Thats something I can ignore for the sake of the over the top trip but I am irritated by the reviews so far, many stating simply “send back evil fallen angels into heaven by smashing skulls” or something.

Anyone played the game ? what was your impression of the story ? simple bible hour / synagoge with gorgerous grafics or fascinating interpretation ?

Note : Yeah I am sensitive when someone tries to sell me religion with a tip of acid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Makes no difference to me, All I will say is this is one of the most visually stunning games I’ve ever had the pleasure to play

I haven’t played it yet but I certainly want to. And it’s worth pointing out that the game appears to be more influenced by the Western Esoteric Tradition rather than just being “Bible Study Hour.” There’s typically a huge difference between a Qabalist and and Joe-Average-Churchgoer. It’s certainly not "totally propaganda."
You’ll notice that “El Shaddai” is not a term often used by most Christians and I’ve never heard of Jewish groups seeking to convert others.

Western occultism is pretty in vogue in Japan, similar to how elements of Asian spirituality are in style in the USA (decorative statues of Hotei or Buddha, Feng Shui, Hatha Yoga, etc). While it’s possible that the developers were actually trying to make a profound spiritual statement with the game, but I’d wager they were basically using it as a sort of “window dressing” lacking in deep understanding of the symbolism. Again, I haven’t played the game, so I can’t speak for sure.

I only tried the demo. Was taken aback by the visuals (the background especially looked nice), but the gameplay didn’t leave a mark on me, so I didn’t pursue it.

I guess it depends on how it’s presented. Okami had was interesting in that it had bits of different religions (though Shinto was the big one), but it never felt forced.