EGM's 200 Greatest games of all time list

Panzer Dragoon 1 is number 140 and Panzer Dragoon Saga is number 80.

I thought it was the 200 greatest games of their time.

Yes, but of all time :anjou_happy:

Ah, I see now.

I am so confused.

I saw this list a couple weeks ago in the magazine and quickly looked over it. I’m not a big fan of major publications ranking games on lists like this because it sometimes results in some unfair comparisons that really can’t be made. I much prefer people own individual top ten or what not, since can get some insight into what they value from a game or what type they enjoy the most, not just how groundbreaking, or evolutionary a certain game was. Me for example, I thought Mario 64 was revolutionary sure, but that doesn’t mean I had to like it. I much prefer individual peoples lists or just a general “Greatest Games of All Time” unranked list of games how Gamespot used to do (I think they might begin again).

I agree with Felix about this sort of list. I do find them interesting, but they’re ultimately pretty pointless, since so many games are too different to compare, and everyone likes different things in games.

Also, when a list is that long, it makes you wonder how exactly they made the decisions for each place. At times the list seems pretty random, I mean, I don’t really think they put all that much thought into the distinction between the games at, say, 134, 133 and 132 (whatever they were).

So, yeah, interesting, but ultimately pointless.

In the end it’s always pointless.It’s their opinion wheter you are talking about breakthroughs or just quality.

EGM’s been telling “everyone” else what games to like for way way too long. They live in their own fantasy version of the industry, I can’t take any of their global opinions seriously much less personally. The list itself is mildly interesting, the format of it is complete BS, exactly parallel to the pointless lists the E! cable channel is always retreading only not even as well done. If they were actually interested in creating a useful all time ranking they’d make it a large scale vote by VG celebs or something and have every choice explained and justified carefully.

Besides Boulderdash isn’t on the list which makes it garbage… and I don’t care if there wasn’t a good console version. :anjou_angry:

Then do not listen and form your own opinions. It is that simple.

I’ve got an idea:

Each of you who hate this list should come up with your own top 10, top 100, top whatever list. I’ll read through it, then proceed to tell you that you’re clueless and don’t know what good games are because you didn’t pick the games I’d have picked. I’m sure it’ll lead to some interesting results!

Top 5 Best Games No One Has Played:

  1. Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (PC-Engine) (Classic Castlevania done correctly, with an absolutely amazing soundtrack - why does Konami not produce this kind of quality anymore?)

  2. Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys (PC-Engine) (An Ys incarnation done right - I love you Hudson Soft.)

  3. Dragon Force 2 (Great game with even better gameplay than the original; the only thing missing is the cinematics…but that’s ok, because cinepack sucked anyway.)

  4. Shining Force III Episodes 2 & 3 (Episode 2 has a better story, but episode 3 has a ton of gameplay)

  5. Panzer Dragoon Saga (the only true RPG in existence - it’s not just a game, it’s an experience)

It’s ironic how all the legendary games are all on obscure systems.

As big a shocker as you may find it I’m ahead of you on that one Arcie, 'cept I’ll do you one better and listen to other opinions and then still form my own. But then the really advanced trick is to refrain from judging other people by how much they agree (or fail to) with your own opinions…

That whole "Top 200 of their time’ angle just escapes me, it seems like a smokescreen to fool people into thinking it’s not just another arbitrary list. So if SMB is #1 does that mean it’s by virtue of 1985 being the most important* time* somehow? Opinions are inherently worthwhile, how they’re ofered often compromises that worth.

I think it’s more to do with a mix of elitism and exagerrating a games worth to try to make it feel like it really is worth ?100…
I paid ?300 for Matrimelee on the AES a few years ago, and I played it and played it and found all the little quirks and told people it was great. Truth is, it’s not as good as the ?10 Street Fighter Alpha 2 I had for my Saturn.