Edge made an easter egg!

In the form of a hidden message <- Unforunately, no knowledge of Japanese means no idea what he’s talking about.

That was on disc 1 of Panzer Dragoon Saga, the demo version that came with the Sega Saturn magazines way back in the good ol’ days. There don’t seem to be any other (readable) files on it aside from this and ‘Ecce Valde Generous Ale’.

I’m very sorry if this has been brought up before but having a bit of a scout about the internet for it didn’t turn up anything.

I’ve heard this from when I would experiment with audio files on Saturn games, some of them have redbook audio.

He’s saying “Sorry, this CD is a Saturn CD…” (and because my Japanese is rusty, after that I’ll just paraphrase/assume he’s saying:) ‘you should stop trying to listen to it as an audio disc.’

I like the Skies of Arcadia audio CD message the best. “Put us back in the Dreamcast so that we can do our job!”

By the way, Panzer Dragoon Saga has a different character speaking on each disc.

this is so cute. is there any chance you could translate the other messages for the other four discs? I’d love to hear what Azel or Gash or Craymen has to say about putting the disc in the wrong machine.

The all say the same, but in a more or less formal way.

Although Azel speaks twice, i think on disc 3 and 4. Futatsugi-san expalined that he wanted to display the change inside Azel before and after her dream at the seeker stronghold. So the first time she speaks in a pretty cold “nerai” kinda way, and the second part is more warm, friendly and human.