EA will buy Ubisoft tomorrow


Lets say you work for a small independent software company, just blocks away from where you live in New Jersey, that makes games that usually slip under the radar, but are actually pretty decent titles like Outlaw Golf, and one day your boss comes in and says “EA just bought us, and if you want to work for them, you’ll have to move to Florida.”

And, lets say that you’ve been working for that company for 7 years, and you’ve gotten enough promotions and pay raises to buy yourself a place to live and start a family.

And, lets say that they ONLY reason that EA ACTUALLY bought you, was because your company managed to pick up the exclusive license to the ARENA FOOTBALL titles.

That’s a really crappy way to be shaken out of a job.

Over a stinking football license.

Sure, I’m not affected by anything EA does in the business world, and yes, it is just business…but when you see your friends and their family put in a position like that…over football…well, it kind of puts things in a different perspective.

I wonder what will happen to all the families that live in France and Canada that will be forced to relocate to EA’s central development operations in Florida.

Predatory, monopolizing companies, no matter HOW friendly they are to Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo will NEVER be good for this industry. Look at how nicely big players like Capcom and Konami co-exist overseas and in the US.

EA is cannibalizing the industry…and I’m CERTAIN it will have repercussions down the line.

NO!Ubisoft is one of the few companies I can still say I admire.

“And along comes EA” :anjou_angry:

Damn you Ubi why did you ahve to sell yourself!

I think this is the announcement they were talking about:

I’m with D-Unit here… How did you jump to the conclusion that the article was talking about Ubi??

Granted it’s still speculation but you know it’s inevitable.

But the article also mentions that:

Anyway, I don’t think it’s inevitable that Ubisoft will be bought by EA. Yves Guillemot has actually said that he’s willing to sell the company “for the right price” so a merger/acquisition will probably take place in the future, but this doesn’t have to mean it will be a takeover by EA. Guillemot seems more interested in a deal with a large media company like Disney and Time Warner.