E3 2011: New systems, Wii U and Playstation Vita

Lots of info about the Wii U here:
kotaku.com/5809686/everything-we … sole-wii-u

Some info about the Playstation Vita here:
kotaku.com/5809241/playstation-v … -the-price

I’m not sure what to make of the Wii U. Sega already tried a controller with a screen in it with the Dreamcast and VMU. It was never particularly useful in enhancing the gameplay experience. The Wii U controller is certainly more advanced than the VMU, with a touchscreen and the ability to play full Wii U games on the controller. It seems like a weird compromise between a console and a handheld system, you can play multiplayer games on different controllers, but only when wirelessly connected to a Wii U console I believe. Similarly there is the new Playstation Vita - a full handheld system that will allow multiplayer games between PS3 owners and PS Vita owners over Playstation Network.

No comment on how fucking massive that controller is?

Can you even imagine how much that controller costs? The DualShock 3 costs $60, so another one of these will likely run you $120 at least.

The PlayStation Vita looks pretty awesome though. If Uncharted is a launch title, I’ll be there.

Yeah, that Wii U controller looks huge. Although, I hear it is quite light.

I’m really impressed with the graphical capabilities of the PS Vita, and the relatively low price tag as well. Not sure what to think of Nintendo’s new console, especially when the hardware apparently isn’t even ready. It seems that so far Nintendo just focused on the controller and have yet to actually add a console to it.

There’s a melancholy irony for me in Vita using Power VR heritage architecture. *Sony’s released a portable Dreamcast… * :anjou_sigh:

It’s also ironic that Sony’s pushing stereoscopic gaming hard for PS3, yet will be competing against the Nintendo 3DS in the handheld market. Kind of divides their marketing message, but I could see them being pretty close this round.

Wii U (let me be the first to just make it WiU?) … I can absolutely see lots of cool potential for the idea, and more nuanced possibilities, but at the same time it’s not as defining as the Wiimote. I find the overall statement it represents interesting, that Nintendo themselves seem to have assessed the Wii as reaching stagnation, and see this preemptive strategy as necessary to retain momentum. But I think they’ll have a long way to go in capturing people’s attention the same way, or you never know it could become a slow burn success like the DS. The other problem is Sony and MS and even potentially Apple will have ample time to gauge and rip-off the features that stick.

A lackluster tone to the whole show really, then again gaming mainstream just doesn’t have the sparkle it used to for me anyway.

Vita’s capabilities are impressive for sure, though I’d have liked to see more games since it’s launching this year. Uncharted didn’t look particularly thrilling gameplay wise and the touch features were a little silly but graphically it was jaw droping for a handheld.

Wii U, we just don’t know enough about it. The potential with the controller is promising, just like the DS range of systems, and the various developers had cool ideas for its usage but didn’t really have much to show for it. The Japanese garden demo was impressive but was just a tech demo so who knows how closely it reflects the possibilities of actual games.

As for the price of the controller, so far they’re pimping it as part of the system, not to be sold separately and enable 4 players to play each with one of those, but rather one player (or no player) using that while the rest use compatible Wii controllers. So yes, it’s likely that it’s quite expensive, though they’re “looking into” allowing at least 2 player play with two such controllers. Still, with the current plan, I think it can bring great asymetrical local multiplayer gameplay styles, like one player playing a RTS style game on the controller, spawning enemies and such, while up to four others play a split screen FPS against his forces. Similar to Left 4 Dead but replacing the AI director with the tablet user.

The motion controls look more awkward than the Wii’s due to the size of the pad, so I hope they will still heavily use the Wii Remote Plus and nunchuck i (though I’d have preffered to have a new even more capable revision with more and better button placement) as it’s much more fitting for genres like FPS or action adventures. They certainly seem to want Wii controllers to be considered as standard as the new one since so far they’re the only way to enable local multiplayer at all so I’m hopeful. Losing pointer controls for FPS or similar titles would be pretty devastating to my gaming experience and I’d likely just stick to PC if no other company implemented them for their next generation.

The new controller however could have cool uses too. During Ubisoft’s roundtable it was mentioned that it’s very precise, so that you can calibrate it in a way that makes turning around 45 degrees in real life also shift the in the game view by 45 degrees. Playing some immersion based title like Endless Ocean (it’s an underwater exploration simulation) with such an interface, if it’s really that precise, could be thrilling, with the TV off and only using the controller, like a window to another world, looking up/down left/right and all around you. It can be combined with traditional controls too. In a Fatal Frame you could utilise the dual analog setup yet hold the controller up when using the camera against the ghosts.

I think the potential is there, though the demonstration wasn’t the best. Still, they have a full year to give us more details, examples, and show actual games instead of ideas and tech demos. Third parties seem to be more onboard this time with all the announced ports but that always happens at system launches and isn’t indicative of future support.

Thought it was a poor E3 around.

Vita looks awesome but I worry at the cost of the games, I love the idea of the Wii U controller but if all it offers is ports of 360 and PS3 6 months latter one does have to wonder what is the point . MS showing was just a joke and showing all the signs of a company dumping onthe people that got them where there on inthe games industry(the core gamer) for the Kinect rubbish which looked so poor words fail me (Star Wars and Fable looked terrible)

I thought SEGA had a decent showing though and EA’s stand was impressive Mass Effect III and BF III looked jawdropping

Forgive me for being skeptical, but I just don’t get the Wii U or some of the features of the Vita.

Vita sounds great on paper, but I will wait until I hear more on the game front. I think they may be adding too many features. What exactly is the purpose of having a touch pad on the back of the unit? It seems like a silly idea that is only going to add to the cost. The other features sound great. I still wouldn’t touch the 3g version with a 10 foot pole. WiFi all the way for me.

As far as the Wii U. I actually think the new controller is a dumb idea. I don’t think it will add to the software at all. They might as well just stick to having the DS and/or 3DS as an alternative controller, pack in enough horsepower to compete with the other systems on a performance basis, and keep the cost of the unit under $200 dollars at launch. They should focus more on their online functionality and connectivity with their handhelds. A focus on game developement would be great. The Wii probably would not have dropped off so fast from a sales perspective if they kept a steady stream of solid games coming. I hope the added power of the unit encourages 3rd party devs to port/create some games for the system. As much as I think it would be cool to have a game like Skyrim released for the Wii U with that controller, I just don’t think it will sell to the masses. It seems a little too hardcore for Nintendo.

My opinion, WiiU = Dreamcast.

It will flop big tme just like the 3DS, i got a feeling Nintendo will be a software company only very soon.