E3 2011: Journey, gameplay footage


Looks really nice. I like how they’ve left out most of the “gamey” elements, just leaving the raw experience of exploring a vast world.

Looks absolutely fantastic…

I only played the demo of Flower, liked it a lot but wasn’t compelled enough for more. The atmosphere of this is on another level though, and it just gets me all the more disgusted by the artistic bankruptcy of this generation. There’s nothing stopping other genres from using the power of these machines in ways that genuinely embellish and expand on the established visual vocabulary, other than the myopic addiction to arbitrary and superfluous detail.

I’m almost ready to call it as my favorite looking game of the generation, just from that video. Though it’s funny to learn you’re playing umm… AS a burqa?!

Refugees from France.

Definitely one of the most beautiful games ever. Hopefully it includes enough variety.