Dune: Part One and Two

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Did anyone else enjoy Dune: Part Two? The world was a big influence on Panzer Dragoon. From VG247’s The Big Panzer Dragoon Interview:

YF: Dune was a pretty big influence. For example, if you look at the desert levels there are sand worms. And that’s all very much pulling from Dune, I think. There is a character in
Dune, Count Hakone? Possibly, I’m not sure what his English name is, but the image we drew on for the emperor relied on him a lot.

Futatsugi is referring to this guy:

Dune part 1 and 2 was fantastic. And now we are going to get part 3! I definitely see the influences Team Andromeda drew from: Garil desert, sandworms, the Emperor, nomadic life style of the Fremens mirrored in the Seekers and Caravan etc.

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Yeah, but it was the 80s Dune that was a big influence on the game. I wonder if Panzer Dragoon the games series influenced Dune 1 and 2 in some sort of strange way?