Dragon Etymology?

Salutations to everyone again! My sincerest apologies for refraining from contributing to the forum for the past week, but I was obliged to engage on yet another excursion to Portsmouth in order to expend a week trundling about the Solent (for trans-Atlantic unacquainted with the intricacies of British geography, it is a channel separating England from the Isle of Wight, which is navigated about in the renowned Americas Cup) to train for and complete my R.Y.A. Coastal Skipper examination.

Anyway, I would anticipate that the constituents of this most estimable forum possess precisely nil interest in my extra-curricular activities, and so I’ll desist from effusing about the immense virtues of polypropylene mooring warps and continue with my specified question!

All of you will, of course, be aware of the option in Panzer Dragoon Saga for Edge to impart and bestow a name upon your aeronautical mount. When I was first playing the game, I opted to title my steed with the name Zeba, which appeared to please and gratify my bio-engineered vessel of inconceivable wrath and murder. Recently deciding to re-play the game, I perceived that ‘Zeba’ conveyed itself as too placid and juvenile a name for a beast of such phenomenal awesome power that is laden with such an immense and valiant duty, and so my save-file was adorned with a more elaborate, imposing and grandiose name, Immaculado. I was somewhat nonplussed and aggravated by the astonishing rebuff the Heresy Dragon buffeted me with - he proceeded to rear up an expend the remainder of my stay in the mountain campsite thrashing the ground and shrieking discordantly in a nervous fit.

I was intrigued by the different reactions that were elicited from the imparting of different names for the dragon, and so I wish to address this inquiry to the nigh-omniscient Dragoon Sages that populate this website - is there any significance to the name you give the dragon in Saga, or is it merely a small interactive element included solely the sake of thirty seconds of gameplay? Is there any benefit to be derived from assigning to the Heresy Dragon his true name, Lagi (I re-started the game again and did so, but so far haven’t noticed anything of significance - although admittedly I’ve yet to depart from the valley at the game’s commencement)? And finally, as a sub-question provoked simply through curiosity, what did you all first name your dragon with when you played the game? Information would be much appreciated!

As far as I know, the dragon reacts differently to just two different types of names. If you actually give him a name he reacts and Edge says something along the lines of “he seems happier now”. If you just call him dragon, Edge responds with “he’s in a better mood now”. Saying that, it has been a while since I’ve played this section of the game, so the reactions may have been slightly different to those, but they were along those lines.

I don’t think it matters what name you call him, so long as he is given a name, rather than just dragon.

As for the first time I played through, I believe that I called him “Draco” after the dragon in that movie Dragonheart.

The dragon’s name appears in the dialogue the first time you try to lock onto a thing you can’t blow up.

“Dragon’s lasers aren’t powerful enough”


“Lagi’s lasers aren’t powerful enough”

I think that’s about it.

Just like Solo said the difference is between giving him or not giving him a name. Giving him a name supposdelly boosts the “bonding” Edge and the dragon develop with each other thus helping in the eventual aquiring of the Astral Phantoms berserk (which to learn you have to keep your dragon happy and always interact with him at camp sites and such in order to further strengthen their bond)

I’m not sure if the name itself annoyed your dragon, but as far as I remember, the dragon won’t show you how happy or unhappy it is before you name it. (Giving it a name essentially activates the whole “virtual dragon pet” mode, for want of a much, much better name: the dragon will show you its mood, and of course you’ll be able to pet / smile at / ignore the creature while at camp.) So your dragon may have been unhappy anyway, but just not shown it until that point; I think that’s happened to me in the past, and of course it’s an easy enough problem to sort out.

Calling him Lagi unfortunately doesn’t affect anything; the name itself seems to be irrelevant (and the same goes for the player’s name, too). I’ve tried entering all sorts of different names in the past, but it really doesn’t seem to change anything; the only important part is that you do choose to name him, because (as Alex said) that lets you ultimately earn one of the hidden berserk techniques, and it also lets you achieve a full “spiritual closeness” rating at the end of the game.

The first time I played through the game I did actually call him Lagi, because I wasn’t in the most imaginative of moods.

I actually named him Pythias, it was a name to a dragon that I have kept in my art references over the years.

Foolish Atolm! Thinking outside of the box! That’s just typical of you, it really is! :stuck_out_tongue:

I named my first dragon Thanatos, the greek god of death… :smiley:

Suggestion for a future Panzer RPG: Make the name of the dragon matters. How you will do this I have no idea. I’m only a player, after all… :slight_smile:

I first named it Blau because that’s his name in the OVA (at least in the english version). I hadn’t gotten Zwei at the time, so I didn’t start to use the name Lagi untill replaying it for the third or forth time (which I’ve used since).

I forgot to say what I named him…
I don’t remember what I named him the first time but these are the names I remember so far: Lagi, Nemesis (Greek Goddess of retribution, divine vengeance etc), Behemoth, Phoenix…

Lagi is the most used and was most propably the first too…

Blau means blue in German does it not?


I named him Harranth the first time I played (had Dragonriders of Pern on the brain and went for the -th ending). Subsequently playthroughs have used Lagi though. As far as I could tell the dragon always reacted the same. I loved the “virtual pet” ability though so I can’t imagine ever playing the game and not naming him.