Drag-on Dragoon anyone?


I saw this game from SquareEnix, I was wondering weather anyone had played it, it looks strange like a hybrid of panzer dragoon or somthing? lol


That’s an old one.

Anyway, it’s like a cross between PDs shooter sequences, and Dynasty Warriors. The gameplay is pretty repetitive, but I liked the story and artsyle.

Ha ha! I couldn’t load the Flash site because of Firefox but just looking at the logo was enough!

Is it much of a rip-off apart from the logo? :anjou_happy:

Oddly enough, I just finished with this game. (One more ending to go, but I think I’m going to pass.) It struck me as rather simplistic when I first started playing it. I haven’t played Dynasty Warriors, but the melee combat is fairly unimaginative. The dragon-riding sequences are fun though, and there is something to be said for the ability to seamlessly jump from melee to dragonriding and then just rain hell on all the poor footsoldiers below you who don’t have dragons.

The dragon gameplay feels familiar to PD since it’s also possible to lock on to targets and release multiple simultaneous bursts of dragon breath. The dragon also has a magic meter it can build up that looks suspiciously like a berserk attack once executed. But in terms of differences, it’s not a rail shooter and flight is much more free. It’s possible to fly almost straight up or straight down, whip around a quick 180 degrees and blast an enemy you just passed by, dodge left or right while also accelerating, diving, climbing, etc. Some of the battles against other winged enemies can turn into fairly dizzying dogfights, going up, down, everywhere. I understand several of the Cavia staff had worked on Ace Combat 4, so I’m guessing they applied some of that to Drag-on Dragoon.

Personally, I liked the main story and the bond between the protagonist and his dragon is well done. (Almost like Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern, if those dragons had attitudes.) It’s a lot grittier than most fantasy games though and there isn’t much in the way of heroics even on the part of the protagonist.

Hehe… I started reading McCaffrey because of Panzer dragoon… gotta love dragons (and their riders). :anjou_love:

The bond between the creature and its rider is pretty important to me.