Downloading PS1 games for PSP

I just got a PS3, and purchased Tekken 2 and Hot Shots Golf 2 (2 of my personal PS1 favorites! How did Sony know??)

did anybody else who has downloaded PS1 games onto their PSP notice that it takes quite some time? (About 20 minutes per game.)

Or, was that just my connection speed dropping out on me?

I venture to guess that it’s not the connection speed dropping out because of the fact that the game needs to be downloaded to the PS3 HD then immediately transferred via USB to the PSP memory stick…and that process turns what would probably normally be a 10 minute download on a broadband connection a 20 minute download.

So, did anybody have a speedy / slow download?

I don’t think you’ll fine many PS3 or PSP owners here, and even less of both…

Question: Why do you have to go through PS3 to get a PSP title? Is that a requirement (makes no sense) and if not why did you choose to do it that way?

It is a requirement unfortunately - there’s no other way of getting them onto your PSP. I believe they’ve done it as a method of piracy control - the PS3 in effect authenticates the purchase, and even if the memory stick with the data on it is transferred to another PSP, that PSP must then be hooked up to the original PS3 the game was purchased from before it will work.

That’s my understanding of it anyway.

Yeah thats pretty much spot on , though I 'm sure there are ways to move back the updates

The authentication process has already been cracked and is almost ready for release in the next devhook. We might see a hacked firmware with this ability in the near future, as well.

I’m just hoping that the PS1 emulator gets cracked so that you can run regular ISOs on it, because the game line-up Sony is offering is pretty pathetic and offer NO enhancements, whatsoever.