Downloadable Saturn Isos(?!)

Well, while browsing the web trying to find places to download a Saturn demo or two to test SSF with, I came across a few websites that seem to have many many MANY Saturn (and other consoles’) downloadable ISOs. However, because of the huge bandwidth needs they only offer the downloads to people who have donated a certain sum of money (I think one of them was asking for $30).

I was thinking, perhaps we could all put down a dollar or two each and make a TWOTA account on one of them so that we can all have access to that?

I’ve seen the likes of PDSaga and Radiant Silvergun available alongside many many other titles (though I think they were all missing Gun Griffon 2…)

Of course it could be a scam and they are just trying to make money off of people who fall for it… And I’m not sure if by donating once you get access forever or if it has a transfer limit…

Still, even with a limit, Solo could download a few rare/sweet things off of there that we’ll have all decided upon and then he could pass it off to people that ask for it, and they would pass it off to others, and so on. Of course, he couldn’t host them on TWOTA as I imagine the bandwidth usage would go skyhigh.

I’m sure atleast one person here would be willing to burn them and send them to people as long as they mailed him enough money for the blank CDs needed and shipping cost.

What do you guys think about that (Solo feel free to edit this post to remove any mentions that could harm TWOTA) and should I link to a site or two that supposdely offer that?

I’d like to even though I don’t know what an ISO is lol (sorry, I’m only but a simple minded person), but I’m not sure… But if it is a scam, we were all only swindled, what, a dollar for each of us?

ISO = ripped game CD. You burn it on a disc and it works (assuming your system is modded - emulators of course have no problem recognising these) or you use it off your hard drive by using an app that makes it think it’s on a disc drive instead such as Daemon Tools.

That’s pretty “i” but the truth is there are various saturn agme si still haven’t played…

While the short answer is no, we shouldn’t really have links to ISO sites on these forums, Saturn ISOs are something which would be sought after by more than one person here I’m sure, considering the rarity of some of those games.

So… if you guys would be interested in trading some Saturn ISOs, there are some ways that we can do this (and I can help set up), but I think this is something that should be discussed via PM rather than publicly on these forums. If you’re interested, send me a PM.