Doom 3

If you have a PC that can run the game: BUY IT NOW.

If not, wait a month (or so) and buy the Xbox version.

I just got this game today and wow oh wow. This is simply one of the best single player FPS i’ve played in awhile. Honestly this is one of the scariest games i’ve ever played.

From what I’ve heard, it tends to bog down a bit as you keep playing. My computer can’t run it though, so I can’t really speak from experience. I may buy the xbox version if the reviews are favorable.

You really have to have a pretty decent computer to run this game. Doom 3 doesnt play as well as i would like to on my computer:

P4 1.9ghz
512MB DDR Ram (pc 2700)
Geforce 4 TI4600 (going on 2 years old and still a decent video card)

It plays a lot better on my friends computer who has a 2.53ghz P4 and he has RD ram. Maybe its time for a pc upgrade.


2.x Ghz
256 Mb RAM (ouch)
ATI Mobility Radeon somethin-or-other (64 Mb)

Yeah… That ain’t gonna happen. Having a laptop is really nice a lot of the time, but they’re such a pain in the friggin’ ass to upgrade.

I got it today, it’s awesome. I played it for a few hours and I’m in Alpha Sector 4, I don’t know how far that is.
I have a P4 3.0 gHz, 2 gb RAM, and a Radion 9800 Pro 128. I can run it on medium and it looks great, I can hardly imagine what the game would look like on ultra.

I think i need a new graphics card…and more ram. And new processor. Blah.

I like Doom 3 but it’s not THE game everyone was expecting IMO. It’s just a standard shooter, it just happens to look spectacularly amazing. In fact the gameplay is a lot simpler than other older FPS games. The puzzles are way too easy if you can call them that and the combat is a simple point and click fair, there’s no recoil or anything similar. It’s also pretty linear. It’s best aspect is the atmosphere that is due to the graphics and the dark environments. Though a lot of people seem to just not be able to get into it so try the upcoming demo first before ya buy this! It might just not be your cup of tea! If you can run the game you should get it imo but if you need to upgrade to play it then just don’t get it, you are not missing that much gameplay wise.
Though there’s upcoming games that you’ll want to upgrade for like Half Life 2, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines, F.E.A.R, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and others…
Doom 3’s only chance to not die and be forgotten soon is for the upcoming SDK to be REALLY good and make mod teams interested in it. There’s already some very interesting projects started but if the SDK is horrible then they are all likely to quit and chose another engine for their projects seeing it will be too much work or even impossible to do things in Doom 3… That’s the only thing I’m waiting for to actually purchase it, to see if mod teams like the SDK. I’ve only played the game at a friend’s place so far. (He warezed it as soon as it was released on other countries lol…)

Also to note a 2Ghz CPU and a radeon 9600 level card run the game pretty great on my friend’s PC, and the game also still looks quite great even on lower graphics settings so try lowering them Aitrus, maybe it will end up running OK for you too… Though I don’t know the performance difference between a ti4600 and the radeon 9600 of my friend so if it’s a big difference I suppose you are just out of luck… I have a Ge Force 4 ti4200 myself but I’ve raised enough $ to buy a next gen card by now. I’m still debating which to get :slight_smile: I’ll decide for sure when I actually buy a game that needs a better card since the “highest end” game I’m playing right now is UT2004 and it’s mods and it all runs just fine on pretty good gfx settings.

Yeah, that’s pretty much the vibe I’ve been getting.

I’m not sure why you think this isn’t the game people were expecting? This is everything and more. Killer graphics, sound, and a wonderfully scary atmosphere. The atmosphere of Doom 3 makes the game. Lets not forget that at its heart the game is a Doom title. And whats doom all about? Blasting away the minions of hell - not solving puzzles. And while the Puzzles may seem easy they DO make sense with in the context of the game. No more find the red key for the red door crap. I really like the whole PDA thing.

And i also love the flashlight :slight_smile:

It’s pretty good, fairly generic gameplay as far as FPS games go, but it has enough twists to keep it interesting. Graphics are amazing, as is the sound. Suprisingly long game as well, I’m used to finishing these kinds of games in a day or two but this one took me almost a week. Ran pretty sluggish on my computer (XP2000, 512 ram, TI4200 OCed to near-4600 speeds), but for as good as it looked I guess that’s acceptable (even if some of the boss battles were nearly unplayable). Not worth the $55 retail price IMO (especially to me since you can’t play online with dial-up, which I’m stuck with), but still a good game that all FPS fans should check out. Though the coop mode on the Xbox version does sound pretty sweet…