Does anyone know when the Retro-bit PC Saturn controllers are being released?


Last time I checked they said the Retro-bit Saturn PC controllers were coming out in November. But, I can’t find any more information on their release date over at the site now…Does anyone have any other information I’ve missed?


They were supposed to be released in November and it has been crickets from Retro-bit. I honestly have been looking at this controller instead since it is compatible with everything an Xbox controller is.


The Amazon UK listings have been pushed back to February. Really disappointed that Retro-bit hasn’t been updating fans and based on there Facebook and Twitter page, people are starting to get annoyed by the lack of communication by company reps.


I mainly want the controller to use in Yabause. Hopefully it has direct input so I can map the L and R buttons and finally be able to play test Panzer Dragoon Saga. Does anyone have any pc controller recommendations that work with Yabause and have direct input?