Does anyone know when the Retro-bit PC Saturn controllers are being released?

Last time I checked they said the Retro-bit Saturn PC controllers were coming out in November. But, I can’t find any more information on their release date over at the site now…Does anyone have any other information I’ve missed?

They were supposed to be released in November and it has been crickets from Retro-bit. I honestly have been looking at this controller instead since it is compatible with everything an Xbox controller is.

The Amazon UK listings have been pushed back to February. Really disappointed that Retro-bit hasn’t been updating fans and based on there Facebook and Twitter page, people are starting to get annoyed by the lack of communication by company reps.

I mainly want the controller to use in Yabause. Hopefully it has direct input so I can map the L and R buttons and finally be able to play test Panzer Dragoon Saga. Does anyone have any pc controller recommendations that work with Yabause and have direct input?

Any more news on these? We’ve been waiting it seems like forever…!

These are out now!

I got one of the Bluetooth ones in November, and it’s exactly like I remember the Saturn pads being! The build quality is fantastic, it’s really responsive and works fine with SSF at least. You can switch between DirectInput and DirectX with a button combination (take a look at the manual: The only downside I’ve found is that I have to resync the Bluetooth to my PC every time I power cycle the controller, but it’s not the end of the world.

I was actually talking about the 3D Saturn pad ones…The ones that were supposed to have an anolog stick. What ever happened to those?

I don’t remember seeing those 3D pads but they had showed dual analog Saturn controllers that retained the normal pad’s look mixed with dual shock style analog placement. Also Dreamcast controllers. I don’t know what retro-bit is doing, they don’t communicate anything.

I bought two of the normal black USB Saturn pads, after 6 months of minimal use the d-pad back direction snapped in the first as it has happened to others. I haven’t used the second, I fear the same will happen to it after some use now that I got back to retro gaming in general, rather than just Saturn, thanks to figuring out RetroArch which is a cool catch-all emulation frontend. If you google you’ll find lots of pics like this:

I saw that they have a “model 2” version of the pad now, perhaps that one has fixed this prevalent issue but they’ve never acknowledged it publicly or anything so I have no idea really, it’s confusing given it could just show it’s the Saturn Model 2 style controller. I mentioned my troubles on their twitter, they said to e-mail, I did, got nothing, posted on twitter again, they said it’s cos of of the holidays.

I got back to them recently, they said to repeat it because they were told they’ve handled all emails sent throughout the holidays yet I got nothing, I did again, still nothing.

In the mean time I purchased a Hori Fighting Commander and it’s been everything I hoped for with that Saturn pad and more (I was on the fence for ages and waited, especially after the Retro-bit x SEGA announcement, I really should have just bought one ages ago). It’s suitable for many more systems’ emulation due to the extra shoulder buttons (even PS1 wasn’t really viable with the Saturn pad, not enough buttons on it to add Select) and features. I do miss the Saturn style d-pad but if it’s gonna be shoddy like that, a mighty fine cross design as on the Hori will do in its place. I got this but there’s an Xbox version.

I was initially fairly happy with the Saturn pad when I first got it though it did seem a bit flimsier than I remembered the original pads being, especially the shoulder buttons which are acknowledged as they don’t have the clicky micro switches of the original but the whole thing felt like that, somehow. Still, it functioned great and I even recommended it to folks but given this development I’d sooner recommend an 8bitdo M30 or Fighting Commander thanks to their more proven quality and additional inputs.

Between the Hori and the standard Dual Shock 4 I’ve had for years I’m all set for any game, emulated or otherwise. I’d only consider buying another if one of these fails and they do bring out one of those Saturn style dual analog controllers which are a catch all situation, with inputs viable for any game, retro or modern, as long as they’re put through their paces properly and people find issues were truly corrected.