Does anyone here play DOA2U?

after having the game for 2 and a half months i’m setting up a tournament with a ?10 prize… it’s UK only and single elimination.

In case you didn’t know what it it’s like, it’s very anime and plays very different to Tekken and VF. Hope you guys will take a look if you play the game:

I meant to buy the game but I already own DoA3 and I don’t know if it would be a good investement considered I already have 3 games I wanna buy and I don’t have the money for any of them.

PS:I reckon I’d kick your butt if I was on that tournament tho >D

I know you’d probably beat me, that’s why I might not enter :anjou_embarassed:

DOA3 is still good though, but now the community is gathering pace and hopefully can only get bigger and better. Hope to see other ppl there, alot of ppl fear that ther’d be outclassed by better players, but there’s really no need to be shun away from participating anyway, it’s all for fun and there really aren’t many very good UK players yet.