Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time

For anyone who hasn’t heard of it yet, be sure to check out Stickmen Studios’ new humorous physics-based platform/puzzle game. The game follows the adventures of a mad inventor who creates a time machine out of appliances in his kitchen.

It’s currently out on PC and Wii. You can get 10% off the Steam version at the moment. There’s a gameplay trailer on the Steam page too:

The game resembles Braid in that it’s a side scrolling platformer where you can manipulate time. But there’s also a large amount of emphasis on object manipulation to progress through the levels.

Fun, unique game. Recommended.

Disclaimer: I’m friends with one of the developers so I’m probably biased to some extent.

Here’s a video review of Doc Clock which shows off the first couple of levels:

Congrats to your friend, hope it sells well.

The Mac version is now out and available on Steam.