Do any Saturn Emulators (Panzer Dragoon) let you move camera, debug art?

was thinking of how some emulators in VR will let you hijack the camera to see things that weren’t meant to be seen- do any Saturn emulators let you do this?

No, not that I know of. The best you can do is to actually use a program called ReShade that lets you split the screen along with Virtual Desktop. These two programs let you play the game in 3D but not in full 360 VR. The Saturn emulator I tested this on is Yabause 0.9.15. Played Panzer Dragoon Saga from start to finish in 3D with Oculus Rift.

Here is my guide to using ReShade with other emulators to play in 3D/VR:

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I know you can capture directX scenes (models + textures) of games , I think I tried this w/ an saturn emulator a long time ago and it didnt capture anything (maybe due to the saturn quads vs polygons) , maybe one of the newer emulators would work though

Yabause lets you do some stuff like enable/disable different layers and functions while the game is running to see how it works but not to add VR functionality. For proper not faked VR support there is Dolphin VR for Cube/Wii as mentioned, 3dSenVR for NES and EmuVR which has you play games in a VR 90s room on a modeled CRT TV and you can play lightgun games with the tracked controllers etc, it’s retroarch based but not all cores or games work, it’s quite bad for usability frankly but when it does work it’s awesome, House of the Dead 2 Dreamcast is one of the games that works excellently with perfect lightgun simulation.

cool! Yeah not as much interested in VR (although I have a headset), more just want to move the camera and see if there are weird things in level to be discovered