Divinity: Dragon Commander

This game looks like it might be fun:


For part of the game, you get to play as a dragon. Has anyone played the other games in the series?

Yeah I played the first game. I really want to play the second game where you can turn into a dragon as well because it looks like the type of action/RPG I always wanted to play (i.e. a 3D hack and slash game with a huge world to explore, puzzles and platform hopping. It has some really hard bosses too).

The original game was a bad Diablo clone, but it was set in a huge world and had a really haunting soundtrack.

Have a listen:


I didn’t like Beyond Divinity because it was more linear than the first game, but I am surprised that Larian Studios were even given the chance to make Divinity 2 because the first game wasn’t really that good. It just kind of filled a gap in the market at the time. If anyone buys the sequel make sure you buy the updated version Divinity 2 The Dragon Knight Saga.

More looking forward to Divinity: Original Sin myself, seems like it could be their best game yet. Not sure what they’re thinking with this one but I hope it pays off for them.