Divine Visitor shell

This might seems obvious to some, ridiculous to other but the truth is I never tought much of this before.When you play Orta and you die you can see little spheres of energy coming out of her.

Are those suposed to represent the DV or am I just babbling here?

What are your thoughts (regardless of this “evidence”)?Is the DV in Orta too?

In all PD games who had the DV in him/her in your opnion

When the sky rider dies, you see energy flowing out of him too. I think it’s just what happens when drones die.

I don’t think it is, the DV was shut down at the end of saga, wasn’t it?

Edge :). I don’t think that the DV was present in any other PD game, otherwise, we would have been told, in an FMV or something. Although, in my opinion, the sky rider might have had the divine visitor in him too, but I don’t think that’s too likely, since it might have saved him from that fatal shot.

The Divine Visitor was the one suposed to shut down Sestren and put an end to the Will of the Ancients.

The first two games were a preparation for the moment where the Divine Visitor - aka: you, the player :slight_smile: - would command Edge/Lagi to reach Sestren and terminate it.

But we can assume that, as a player controling Kyle/Lundi/Lagi in the first two games, we were the DV all the time, preparing for the big fight with Sestren. But we didn’t know it until the moment the AI itself told it to us near the end of PDS.

Pretty complex, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

We both know the Divine Visitor died with the rest of the ancient ones at the end of Panzer Dragoon Saga. :slight_smile:

No.You do.

Apparently anyways :)…