Dino Crisis 3

gamershell.com/hellzone_XBox … is_3.shtml

So it’s not an epic game or anythin close to that but it looks good enough to keep people occupied for sometime, yes? Wait for reviews before buying folks!
Thought you X-Box owners might be interested in it…

Here’s a few reviews of it…Take your pick in what to believe, the “editors” (first two links) or the “Gamers” (last link)? I’d say none and wait till you play it but yeah the first two reviews sound like they know what they are talking about ;x


ntsc-uk.com/review.php?platf … inoCrisis3


I’ve always wanted to buy one of these games… but they look a bit too poorly designed. I was a dinosaur nut as a kid so its gonna take someone realistic to catch my eye.