Dillema: PDS or XBOX

A friend of mine is offering an exchange: my copy of PDS to his XBOX with three controllers and a negotiation on games. Given the release of Halo 2 in a few days it’s very tempting, but is it right?
I ask here and not on any other board I go to because only here do people understand the uniquness of PDS, and most of you own XBOXes too. So, does anyone have opinions?

The way I see it, you’ll always have your memories of Panzer Dragoon Saga, and you can only complete the game once, whereas the Xbox is home to many new (and arguably even better) up-to-date experiences.

I would most definately stick with my copy of PDS but that’s because it is a very special game to me.If it is to you too you shouldn’t hand it away just like that specially because you also have an item in your hands that is worth more than one XBox (moneywise).

I really couldn’t give you a proper opinion on this. It’s all down to whether you want the Xbox more, or a collectable game for a dead console. It’s up to you.


You can always get an Xbox and Xbox games. But finding a copy of PDS is going to become an increasingly large pain in the ass.

Keep PDS. Your God has spoken.

It’s up to you. Depends on how much you have sentimental value on the game, and how much ACTUAL value the game has, not that I know. Is it in mint condition etc. If it is I wouldn’t trade it.

Save the ISOS to your PC.

Then complete the trade.

Keep PDS. There’s a host of great FPS (See the FPS games thread by Solo on The Holy District) games coming on the PC, you don’t need Halo 2 :wink:

The way I see it, find the price of PDS on ebay, if its cheaper than buying the xbox, 3 controllers, etc. Then do it.

Or if not… keep PDS and buy an xbox and stuff when you get the money…

While the Xbox will eventually devalue, I can only see Panzer Dragoon Saga increasing in value as time goes on, so in the long run it would be worth keeping it IMO.

Specially if a new PD RPG comes out.

I would say keep PDS.

actually that is a good point, i never took that into account

Hmm… if it was me I probably would hang onto PDS, for most of the reasons given above. PDS is only going to become harder to find and more expensive in the future, whereas the Xbox can only come down in value from now on. If you trade your copy of PDS away you may never play the game again - but of course only you know how much you’d want to play through it again. On the other hand though, you’ll probably be able to pick up an Xbox pretty cheap in the not-too-distant future. Plus, the Xbox, Gamecube and Playstation 2 don’t have such a long lifespan left anymore…