Die Welt

panzerdragoon.de/ has had a facelift. Kind of. Can we expect a revival LC?

Erm, what exactly do you mean by facelift?That image has been there for centuries.It’s the oldest image I have in my head when I think of Die Welt.

YEs, but there is no more message of the sites demise.

I think I saw that image there a good few months ago. Tis not really a NEW facelift.

uh yeah… i think i added my name and email adress or something.
as soon as SK is finished with his neo pokemon evangelion project we’ll start development on our PD Mod.


And it will just take about 5 years or so. :wink:


By which time we’ll be on 5 megabit connections and able to project ourselves around the world at Warp 2, therefore negating the need for the internet completely.

By that time Ill be the one pwning the gaming market with my genious…