Die Welt Von Panzer Dragoon Zwei

i find it on [link removed]

Sorry, I’ve removed the link due to the excessive pornographic adverts on the site.

It’s a shame, because someone must’ve gone to a lot of trouble to scan in all those pages.

You probably already thought of this, but is there a way to contact the webmaster and ask whether you?d be able to mirror the scans? Short of just nicking them without asking? which I?d never suggest, even if there were no other way to salvage ?em O:-)

We could scan all the pages into higher quality than what was available on the site if we wanted to. The work involved would be mind numbing though.

I’m not sure what the copyright status of doing such a thing would be, either.

Oh, OK. My post was as if DWvPD is quite rare, but that was a total assumption as I have no knowledge about it.