Did the new Wii firmware kill your USB LAN adapter?

It DID NOT kill mine (Airlink 101 ASOHOUSB 10/100Mbps Ethernet Adapter USB 2.0)

however, while hanging around my friends GameStop today, some guy came in to return the Nintendo Wi-Fi adapter, saying that he didn’t want it, and openly complaining about how the new Wii firmware caused his DATEL brand USB WIRED LAN adapter to “stop working”.

It sounded like shenanigans to me, and the guy seemed to be pretty douche-y/shady/jock-y so, he probably didn’t even troubleshoot his LAN connection (reset his modem/router and/or delete and re-create the wired connection on the Wii) …

… however, he might be right despite his apparent ignorance. I was wondering if anybody else is fine with the DATEL brand LAN adapter connecting to the Web or the Wii Store post 3.1 Firmware update?