Did Team Andromeda copy Hayao Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky

I recently saw Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky and noticed it had a great resemblance to the Panzer games. Many Panzer themes can be found in this anime. An evil army resembling the empire fighting to acquire ancient technology, airships floating in the sky, robots found lying dormant in ancient ruins just like Panzer Dragoon’s Drones. This anime came out way before the Panzer series I’m just wondering if Team Andromeda took some ideas from this great anime and made it their own. Has anyone else seen this anime and feel the same way?

Have not seen that one. Although I would not be surprised as he was also the creator of Nausicaa, which is also very simular to PD.

All great ideas come from various sources.

i’ve seen them, i felt nausicca was definitely more like the panzer world. i mean really more like the panzer world. REALLY REALLY.

Yes- much more Nausicca.

“…I want to point out the obvious similarities. Both worlds were once “normal” thousands of years back, but now it has been taken over with mutated exoskeleton monsters. There are large airships, two legged riding beasts, and both have a messiah-like main character who flies around to save the world from itself. Original Nausicaa sketches even show her riding a dragon.”

Look at the Nausicaa reference images here:


An anime you have to check out is Green Legend RAN. OSme of the alien designs could be directly from PDS. I’m sure it has inspired TA.

I was actually looking for Nausicaa around here.I’m curious…

I admit tho that it saddens me to see that my “original world” has anything even remotely similar to it in this world…