Who has watched this TV series?It has got to be the best tv series american television has come up with in recent memory.

I love the characters and how it deals with “trivial” stuff in such a refreshing prespective.

I can’t wait for the 2nd Season (September) and I just hope the fact it isn’t based on the book anymore, won’t hurt it.

PS:Michael C. Hall is the man!I guess Ill have to check Six Feet Under now…


Lost FTW!!!

Edit: Screw Lost, Dexter is amazing.


i assume you are not talkign about Dexter’s Laborotory?


No.This is alive-action series about a serial killer which works on forensics at Miami PD.He has no emotions so he has to fake all the time in order to blend in and not draw attention.


Meee - I?ve seen the first season. The series is absolutely great.


SK’s Coolness Factor : +1


if your talking of the cartoon then yeah its up there for nodern cartoons(though you should see samuri jack(misspelled)) if you mean something else then i dont know(havent had cable in years(which i think was a blessing(cable and the net will make you never stand)


Nope, talking about this :


Topic revival.

I recently watched Seasons 1 and 2 of this series. Different, but very compelling storyline. Some interesting characters too.

Season 2 spoiler below:

I was a little disappointed with the ending of Season 2. I was hoping that Dexter would turn himself in, but instead Doakes conveniently was killed off by Lila. I guess there wouldn’t be much room for the third season if he had indeed turned himself in. Hopefully they’ll explore the angle of characters finding out about Dexter’s secret life in the third season and bring the story to some sort of conclusion.