Detroit: Become Human

Is anyone getting this? It’s a new choice driven game with multiple endings from the creator of Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain. All about androids.

It’s on the list. I have other games to play first (Including Beyond: Two Souls) so by the time I’m done hopefully it’ll have come down in price.

You’re very disciplined when it comes to finishing games! That said, I bought four PS4 games this year and haven’t finished any of them yet, so I will follow your example and finish at least some of them before picking up Detriot. Getting close to the end of Horizon and the SOTC remake.

It’s the only want to make sure I don’t build up a backlog! Besides, you also learn what games you really want, as if you don’t still want them 2-3 months after release you can save some dough…

I think that’s a good strategy. There’s also probably some decent “old” games on PS4 that have dropped in price by now that might be worth looking into first.

I still haven’t had a chance to play this, but I thought it was worth mentioning that the entire Quantic Dream lineup (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human) has been announced for PC. Their older game, Indigo Prophecy, is already available on Steam and GOG.

Although flawed, I can recommend Heavy Rain and Beyond if you enjoy cinematic, story driven games that are refreshingly light on combat.

Yes, I haven’t played Detroit either but I’ve played the rest of Quantic’s stable and enjoyed every single one. They’re not great GAMES, but they are great STORIES and that’s the main thing I look for.

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I finished Detroit - well, I wouldn’t say finished, but I completed a single play through along with a couple of other endings. It’s mind boggling how non linear this game is. Thankfully, they created a flowchart feature so that the player can easily view all the possible outcomes that haven’t been explored, and there are a lot of them.

This is my favourite Quantic Dream game. It contains thought provoking material about the sentience of androids and the choices really feel impactful. If you didn’t like previous games, this is more of the same in terms of gameplay, but because of how much the story branches the interactive form feels much more justified. My only compliant is that to see all the branches would require a fair bit of repetition as checkpoints aren’t that close to one another; in some cases, repeating a whole chapter is necessary to make a different choice.

I’ve just started playing this and I think its my Game Of The Year. lt’s truly an incredible and emotional experiences. Other than Lunar and the 1st Panzer. I don’t think I ever cared for charters or a gaming world so much

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Finished the game this for me is the best game I played this year

I’ve now finished it too, and yes I really enjoyed it! Gameplay is pretty standard fare from a Quantic Dream outing but I’m glad to see this sold pretty well despite some mixed opinions on that subject (interactive movie?) that I’ve seen.

o lord there be spoilers ahead:

My story ended with Markus successfully leading a peaceful demonstration, Connor as a deviant but Hank dead (:anjou_angry:), and Kara alone across the river. So a bit of a mixed bag really.

I really enjoyed how it allowed me to lead the revolution the way I wanted to; I realised pretty early on that actually the lives of Markus/North/Josh/Simon were not important, and that the message was. I was prepared to sacrifice any of them (and I did Simon) to get the public’s perception on their side. This was definitely the most satisfying arc for me.

I struggled early on with Connor’s motivations despite really liking the complexity of the character. I couldn’t quite work out whether I was meant to think he was more deviant than my Connor turned out to be, and actually it seemed that Connor’s purpose was to make Hank question his beliefs on androids. Then Connor shot one of the Tracis at the Eden Club, and that seemed to make him (through my actions of course, but it felt very natural) question what it meant to be alive. At the end, Hank doesn’t help Connor continue the investigation, coming to believe that perhaps androids should be given a chance. This all came full circle when I chose to sacrifice Hank to activate the androids in storage; it felt like both Hank and Connor were happy to serve the greater good.

Perhaps it’s from playing Telltale’s Walking Dead series, but during Kara’s Arc everything I did was to try and put Alice first. This seemed to be going pretty well until the end; when I chose to take the longer way into the bus station. This led to Kara/Alice/Luther having to take a boat across the border instead, and both Luther and Alice got shot. The best stories all have a bittersweet ending, and this was definitely the bitter part.

I know someone else who played the game, and they managed to keep everyone alive and happy. This made me realise that my mindset whilst playing was that I didn’t actually expect that to be a possible outcome; that my actions would always have greater consequences for the characters than perhaps they did. So when I chose to sacrifice Hank, or Simon, I didn’t have to do those things and could’ve (more-or-less) safely tried to save them without causing great harm to Markus/Connor or the larger cause. In trying to keep Kara, Luther and Alice all together I chose what seemed like a safer option that condemned Luther to death. I guess my point is that the death of these characters wasn’t down to poor decision making on my part, and that’s how I feel these games should play out. It’s only a minor grievance though.