Depeche Mode = PanDra Fans? Enjoy the Silence

Hello Panzer Friends,

i don?t know if this has been posted before. If yes - Sorry, i?ll never use the search functions in the forums. Anyway, today i listened to the Song “Enjoy the silence” from Depeche Mode. The Middlepart in the Song sounds just as the Ending Theme from Panzer Dragoon Zwei iirc.

Check it out at 1:34 and repeat it at least once.

Maybe Depeche Mode also loves the Panzer Music :wink:

Over?n out,

I doubt it- I know that is a remix, but even the original notes on that song are pre Panzer.

strangely, Enjoy The Silence is one of my favourite all time tracks. been in love with that song for a long time.

I’ve never really compared it to panzer though

the youtube link is a remake however, i’m refering to the original.

Does sound a little Panzerish yes. Like ROCK PANZER. :anjou_love:

While that’s a very cute notation, DM has been around since 1980. They were one of the first all electronic bands.

I’d say PD emulated their style, if anything.