Demo Games on serieses Panzer Dragoon

anyone played in them (or is an owner)?
interesting any information as of demo, particularly “Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG Taiken Han”

TITLE : Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG Taiken Han
S/N : 610-6749

TITLE : Panzer Dragoon Demo

TITLE : Panzer Dragoon Playable Demo

TITLE : Panzer Dragoon Taiken Han
S/N : PD-002

The only PD demo I played was Sega Flash’s PD2wei demo.

Btw welcome to TWOTA SunDragon :slight_smile:

If you mean that “demo” of Azel/Saga that was in fact the entire first disc? >.>; Have it.

Gah! Someone stole my Azel first disc on SSM :anjou_sad:

Do have the Zwei though, played that to death! Episode 3 is just something to laugh at now, especially the boss.

That’s “Taikenban,” btw, not “Taiken Han” :slight_smile:

I believe that, before the Sega Flash discs became the “in” thing that got chucked in with a new Saturn, there was a 1 level demo of Panzer Dragoon Eins, provided you filled out a registration card when you purchased your Saturn. Although, considering it was one of the three(!) games available at launch, you most likely purchased it alongside anyway.

What was the third (beside VF)?

I believe it was a golf game.

Twas a golf game…pro Gold Golf or something like that.
As my parents won my Saturn from a Pringles competition it came with 4 games, that being one of them.

thanks :slight_smile:

in the sense of?

signifies “Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG” demo cd nothing does not differ from Azel cd1 (full game)?
Azel demo there is in jap and english?

regarding other version PD demo too no change from original?

I have the Zwei, Azel and Saga demo’s.

The Zwei and Saga demo’s I got with Sega Saturn Mag, and the Azel demo came with Azel single disc sound track

That would be Azel - Panzer Dragoon RPG - Mini OST.

Do the tracks on this CD sound different to the tracks from the Azel - Panzer Dragoon RPG - Complete/Memorial Album, in your opinion?

"]The 18 tracks of music are really nice and clear, and actually seem of a higher sound quality than that of the complete album
I was confused by this statement; how could the tracks sound any different? The tracks of the Complete Album, which I own, sound indentical to the Saturn’s own music. So I don’t see how this could be so, unless a different process was used to generate and/or record the Mini OST’s tracks.

As far as I’ve heard from my (plentiful) listening to my copy of Azel - Complete Album, the tracks sound fantastically clear and actually seem like perfect (in my opinion) reproductions of the in-game music; they couldn’t sound any better to me.

But I may be wrong. Has anyone noticed any difference between the tracks of the Mini OST and their Complete/Memorial Album counterparts?

[quote=“Ancient Weapon”]
Do the tracks on this CD sound different to the tracks from the Azel - Panzer Dragoon RPG - Complete/Memorial Album, in your opinion?[/quote]

There are a few tracks on the mini-album which are very different to the complete one. The first boss tune (in-game, plays when you fight the Arachnoth) is played on the complete album, complete with cut-scene intro. On the mini-album, you get the version that plays when you fight the Gigra, where the cutscene intro is removed.

The theme of the Forbidden Zone on the mini-album sounds different, like it’s gone through an equaliser before going on the disc.

The others are where the tracks loop around and play longer than the complete album, for space reasons.

Thanks for your post, Arcie. :anjou_happy: I wondered what this page meant, when I looked at the Mini’s track list:

"]01 Ecce Valde Generous Ale (“Behold the Gracious/beautiful Wings”)
02 First Battle
03 Noble Rebel Army
04 A Holy Nation of Lies
05 Solitary Battle
06 Wings
07 Separated for Eternity
08 A premonition of War
09 The Chaos within the Silence
10 Transformation 1 (long version)
11 Breath of Life
12 Theme of the Blue Ruins
13 Giant Being 1 (Gigra Version)
14 Rest
15 Wandering
16 Forbidden Land (treble focus version)
17 Black Fleet (long version)
18 Atolm Dragon (Fade out version)
I wonder why they put Forbidden Land through an equaliser (to adjust the treble)? Maybe they felt it was too bassy; I’d be interested in how the Mini version sounds.

I have often thought that Transformation 1 should loop more than once, as with several other tracks on Azel - Complete Album, but space-wise it just isn’t possible. :anjou_sad:

I have that CD SOMEWHERE. I have no specific idea where, I actually didn’t care as much when I got the memorial album. I’ll look for it though.

Cool! I saw it on eBay recently for over $100, so I guess you were lucky!

Heh, in typical devoted (read: sad) collector stylee, I already have the Complete Album (damn, that cost me a fair bit!), but I think I’ll buy the Memorial Album as well.

I wouldn’t worry - in my room, I could lose anything. :anjou_embarassed:

I still can’t wait until my copy of the Panzer Dragoon Zwei soundtrack arrives (eventually).

Anyhow, regarding these demo discs, SunDragon. I have the PDS Disc 1 from Sega Saturn Magazine, and the Sega Flash with Episode 3 of Zwei, but I have never heard of the others to which you refer. What are they like?

Oh, can you remember which number Sega Flash disc this was on? I own most of the later ones, but I’m sure I never played a Zwei demo. As for the other demos that’ve been mentioned, I own:

  • The (Europe / PAL) Panzer Dragoon 1 demo disc. This is essentially just Episode 2 from the finished game.

  • The (Europe / PAL) Panzer Dragoon Saga demo disc. This is literally Disc 1 of the finished game with the words “demo disc - not for resale” added to the front of the CD.

  • The (Japan / NTSC-J) Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG demo disc; this is the one that came with the mini soundtrack CD. It lets you play in the “Excavation Site #4” area, and has several differences from the finished game; most of these differences are either small or clearly there because this was designed as a public demo though, so they’re not as interesting as they could be. The most striking difference is that you control the dragon’s flight through a bizarre system involving tapping the L and R buttons, rather than just holding the B button.

I’m also fortunate enough to own an early non-public demo disc of Panzer Dragoon 1, created when the game was about two-thirds of the way through development (in January 1995). I was talking to lordcraymen about this a while ago, and we came to the conclusion that this disc was probably handed out to the Japanese gaming press for magazine previews and so on. It lets you play an early version of Episode 2 that features different enemy placements (eg. insects fly in from different directions, you fight an overwhelmingly large number of Burrowers in the caves), some different enemy skins (eg. Burrowers have a gaudy green-and-purple tie-dyed look), different visual effects (eg. dragon’s lock-on lasers create a little particle explosion from its throat), different sound effects (you might be surprised to hear what the dragon was going to sound like when it gets hit), and other bits and pieces that set it apart from the finished game. There’s also a rolling demo of Episode 1 on the disc, and while this seems much closer to its finished state it also shows off some different enemy skins.

I’d like to create a page for TWotA with info on these various demo discs, along with screenshots comparing this early PD1 demo to the finished game, but it’s just another thing that I haven’t got around to doing yet I’m afraid. :anjou_disappointment:

The Zwei demo was on both Sega Flash 1 and 2.

Ah, I think I have Sega Flash 3 onwards - presumably it’s more or less the same as the finished game too…?

Yeah. Normal difficulty, normal instruments.