Deleting wow account

How do you delete your account on world of warcraft?

Do you mean to ask how do you cancel your account?

you could always sell it if its anything decent…

All I remember about it is making the peon cry…

It’s the same thing!!!

Actually, it’s not. Even if you cancel your account, the account info is saved on backup… so if you ever restart your account, you can log in with your old character (they give no guarantee, though).

I don’t think it’s possible to request that your account info be completely deleted, but there should be an option in your account management page on the log-in screen to cancel your account.

Otherwise, you could always call up the customer support line.

why dont you just not log in ever again?

Because unless you actually cancel your account, they will continue to take your money.

not if you set it to top up by game card…