It went out of style ever since Adolf adopted it. Bit like how Himmler style glasses were popular until, well Himmler died.

Mind you there ar eplenty of commies I know that wish to resurrect dead fashions maybe this will make a come back too.

Nah, this one wouldn’t if it’s commies doing it. Hitler was a fascist and Fascism is at the complete other side of Toltalitarianism. Infact, it was a direct result of Communism and the two sides don’t like eachother… But you never know.

when will doctor robotnik mustaches come back in style?

Never forget the Nazi-Soveit Pact.

That didn’t last long though. XD

Actually, Hitler never liked the Soviets. It was really to make sure that he didn’t have to fight France and Russia at the same time. And the only reason Stalin signed was because he knew that Hitler would attack but that would buy them some time to build thier defenses.