you’re a candidate for the most innovative posting for the next TWOTA arward. wellcome :anjou_love:

Indeed. :anjou_happy:

I think the brown Goodyear/Adidas model would suit him better.And welcome Shin :slight_smile:

I think he’d be a boot with a steel toe rim and tackets.

Agreed. He would have to have at least 12-eyelets.

whatever shoe he’d be, i’m sure he’d have those mega awesome blinking lights.

Innovative topic indeed…

I did expect a little more than “Because those shoes are cool just like Edge”, but with a topic about both shoes and Panzer Dragoon, there’s only so much that can be said.

Anyway, welcome! :anjou_happy:

damn shoes are way to uncool! Edge would be genuine leather cavalry boots.

it really is a shame that you can’t waer boots as a guy, cuz you would be considered gay and/or wierd. however i think in especially in winter boots most be confortable and warm…

I’m certainly not gay (well my GF keeps insiting I’m not) but probably a little wierd… but aren’t we all!!!1!!!

Heh, you have a point there! :anjou_happy:

As to boots… well, I’ve never really been a footwear person…!

Thats a new one for me, but where I live, Men and boots are common, despite the cowboys I see too often, Goth-wanna bes that shop at the local hot topic…

But I guess that is the strangeness of California.

I’m surprised no one’s yet said that Edge would be a pair of “Relic - Shoes” :wink:

good one =P

you must have feet of steel

You can’t? :anjou_wow:

And we have the winner for the “Most Creative Forum Member” in the 2005 Panzer Dragoon Academy Awards… because you obviously need to have quite a unqiue imagination to conceive of a scenario where boots wouldn’t be suitable for men! Lordcraymen, I’d like you to go to your local army barracks and try saying that out loud in the NAAFI! :anjou_wow:

I meant stuff like this http://www.partsofsw.com/images/boots.jpg
not normal US army boots.


you must have feet of steel[/quote]

You know what I mean! :anjou_angry:

Nice boots, lordcraymen…

[size=59]Tip:never reveal your fetishes in public Kentucky [/size] :anjou_happy:

Well if you can get the General outfit to go with it I’m sure no one will point.