Datel's 4GB hard drive/4X battery for PSP the ultimate hands

Datel’s 4GB hard drive / 4X battery for PSP the ultimate hands on


And you can pop it open and swap the micro drive for compact flash cards!!!

Dear lord this may very well be the greatest “PSP media junkie” device ever.

It tops my holiday wish list for sure.

I <3 Datel, and I <3 Lik-Sang for such a great pre-release product review.

Meh I don’t think many people here have a PSP so probably not many will be interested in all the PSP news… You, me, Solo, Felix (I think?)… But yeah there are some nifty accessories popping up for the PSP recently… I’m still waiting for a homebrew launcher for psp v2.0 though (I know you can downgrade but I don’t want to so I’m waiting since there arent many homebrew things I want yet)…

It’s an interesting idea but ultimately way too bulky and expensive for me. I have a 40GB iPod for all my music and my PDA takes care of all the PSPs homebrew apps so for me I’m fine even with my 32MB stick as I only ever use it for saves.

As I said.

“Multimedia junkies”

For those of us who utilize the PSP for LOTS of mutimedia functions on a daily basis, and have already shelled out X amount of money on one or two 1Gig memory sticks at anywhere between $100 and $130, having 4X that and 4X the battery life is a good deal. And being able to use compact flash media (which run at a significantly lower cost than memory sticks is a nice bonus which I thank Lik Sang for exposing.) ads more value to that cost.

But, it’s obvioulsy not for the casual user.

And Al3x, if even one person benefits from my PSP topics, it’s good enough for me.

How does already owning a ton of dedicated gadgets not make me a “multimedia junkie”?

It would be nice if Sony released, say, a 20GB or greater harddrive for the PSP. Sony are marketing the PSP as multi purpose system, but it doesn’t have the storage space to compete with the iPod and similar devices as a video and music player.

It seems to me that Sony want to have complete control over what is played on the PSP… only official PSP games and UMD movies. The problem is, a lot of people don’t want to have to re-purchase the same movie that they’ve bought on DVD as a UMD. They’ve already paid for the movie; buying it again shouldn’t be expected. So, at the moment, it’s hard to see the PSP as anything more than a portable gaming machine, even with this 4GB HDD (although it will help).

Alternatively, there’s this, although it’s a lot more clumsy:

UMDs have been outselling movies by quite a margin, apparently. That’s probably more down to a lack of AAA games in the West though along with a desire to show off that gorgeous screen. It’s also a genuine alternative to a portable DVD player too. Sure, you have to re buy the movies, but you have the added functionality not to mention the bonus of it being truely portable as well. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the Talkman more than anything though :anjou_happy:

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