Data Discs 008: Panzer Dragoon

Looks like it goes on sale on Dec 3rd. Took long enough to happen.

Apparently if you want to get an earlier copy, you can sign up for the mailing list and get passwords sent out before they go on sale for the general public. Good to know if you’re aiming for a more limited edition.

Will you be getting the vinyl, @Shakespeare?

I’ve been refreshing Data Disc’s page every couple days or so for months waiting for this release. I emailed them a few months back and they let me know it was on the way in December. Totally getting the limited edition one!

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Absolutely, I have a small vinyl collection and I’ve been really looking forward to this release for a while.

@Synbios16, I’ve pretty much been doing the same. I always dreaded that feeling when I haven’t checked in weeks and was afraid they were already done with the more limited releases.

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It will good to hear your thoughts once it arrives. I won’t be getting it myself, mainly because I’m digital only these days. I like that Data Discs are releasing several different colour schemes of the vinyl itself.

I had no idea this was a thing, I’m so glad a thread was created for it! I’ve purchased the limited edition and can’t wait for it to arrive.

Same here, I managed to land a limited edition as well. I feel kind of gutted with shipping being 50% of the order price though, ouch.

I was personally expecting worse for shipping to the US, and was actually relieved at it only being around 11 pounds!

Did anyone get the limited edition? They sold out rather quickly.

Yup, I think everyone who scored an early password pretty much got one. I’m not entirely sure how limited it is exactly.

Got mine. They had some issues with the site showing sold out once you got to the cart, but if you just waited a few minutes it worked out. Guess it’ll arrive early January.

Finally came in!

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Mine came in the mail just four days ago as well! Will upload some pictures when I have more stable internet.

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I wonder if someone here would like to create a new entry with their impressions, photos etc, for the site? It would be nice update to celebrate this release.

I’d just uploaded a video showing off the vinyl to the site, and also created an encyclopaedia entry for it. Let me know if you see any errors in the latter.

“Upon release it was made available in there editions: 180g 2xLP on frosted clear,”

That should be “these editions”?

Let me know if you need any help proof reading anything. I’m still here.

Good spotting. I wanted to create the entry quickly without bothering anyone with proof reading since it was such a simple thing.

I’m finally able to upload some pics!

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