Darksiders has a moment of "Goddamned Bats"

Bats are fairly common enemies in Darksiders. Most of them can be dealt with by ripping them from the air and shoving your sword into them. Later on you’ll find permutations that can shoot at you. Their aim is better than yours. So is their reach. Combine this with a level over a bottomless pit where sections of the floor shift around in(thankfully) a recognizable circle. Falling to your death has never been more fun.

Not exactly a premium moment of difficulty considering what goes on in the rest of the game and not exactly the worst example of this trope considering, heck, the existence of Castlevania. It can still be annoying, but Darksiders is still a fun game.

I found the game adequately fun, but not unique enough to hold my attention until the end. While certainly not a bad game by any means, after playing for 5 or so hours, I ended up asking myself, “Why am I playing this when I’ve already played games exactly like it and there are better games awaiting me in my queue?”

I think that as I get older and have less time to play games, I have less patience for mid-tier games. On the one hand, it’s sad that I feel somewhat jaded in a sense, but on the other hand, it lets me focus on the more interesting and compelling experiences out there :slight_smile:

(But more on topic - yeah, I found many moments like that in the game. Each time something like that happened, it’s like the time I was willing to play that game shortened by about 10 minutes.)

Yeah. I get what you’re saying. Darksiders is basically “Zelda May Cry of War”. However, I admire this game’s ability to give you several tiers of combat. You’ll get the “mook fights”, which you can blow through with relative ease, but then when your guard is down, you’ll get more than your share of “You’ve GOT to be KIDDING me!” fights, such as the typical “commander sits back and goes ‘DESTROY THIS FOOL’ times five” fights, and then before you can breath a sigh of relief, here come the Spikey Instruments of Mass Destruction.

The Ashlands Arena battle(more like a slaughter) is nothing but pure genius concerning unbridled violence, even if the rest the game is pretty standard and “been there done that.” I might rank this as a pure arcade beatemup among the greats like Final Fight rather than as an adventure game like The Legend of Zelda or as an action game like God of War.