Darkisders also referencing Panzer Dragoon

this has also shown up in a few videos …

joystiq.com/2009/11/06/impre … r-dragoon/

We were also shown a one-off, rail-based shooter segment in which War rides atop a griffin he commandeers from an angelic enemy. He uses the creature to traverse quite a large chunk of the game world, all the while under attack – or being pursued – by other flying beasts. The development team is admittedly comprised of folks who fondly recall Sega’s dragon-riding shooter franchise, Panzer Dragoon, and it shows in everything from the sequence’s pacing to the player’s ability to lock onto multiple enemies and send forth a multi-burst of homing beams.

Yeah, I just played that section of the game. It filled me with anger! It’s like the developers themselves are yearning for a new Panzer Dragoon. Such a shame really… :anjou_sigh:

And on another note:

I’m completely astounded by how uncreative this game is. The game just leaches off of other great games such as: Zelda, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Panzer Dragoon, and Portal.

To sum the game up: they are taking elements from those games, combining them all into one, while making no effort to do anything different or creative.

Oh and I’m about to go fight the dark version of the main character…go figure… :anjou_sigh:

Isn’t that how most games are designed though? Panzer Dragoon, for example takes elements from Nausicaa, Star Fox, Space Harrier, and no doubt a bunch of other sources, but throws them together in a refreshing way. The games you mentioned are quite varied in style and gameplay, so I would have thought the result would be similar.

In most cases I would agree with you Solo. But, when your playing the game:

riding a horse in the desert fighting a sand worm with a camera view exactly like Shadow of the Colossus almost exactly like #10, in a dungeon moving around orbs to reflect light like the mirrors in Legend of Zelda, making various portals obvious and blatantly like the game Portal, fighting a dark version of yourself like Dark Link and using various weapons like a grappling hook and boomerang-like shuriken, and using the shuriken to highlight diffrent elements to solve puzzles like Darksector’s glaive;

in this case I refuse to agree with you. These elements may have tried to be woven into the so called fabric of the game, but it’s like:


I will agree the game is indeed fun, but not in any means able to stand on its own on any kind of new creative ground.

Sounds entertaining, like games should be then.
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LOL! Funny… :anjou_disappointment:

Man, that part was a total rip-off from Panzer Dragoon.

Why can?t the guys at SEGA see, people NEED ANOTHER PANZER DRAGOON!!!