Danny Boy (2013 EP by Eri Ito)

I only just found out about this recently. Really nice performance of classic songs by the vocalist of Sona.

What does everyone else think?

I’ll have to try and get hold of her other albums one of these days (I think they’re still only available on CD, which is a hassle for a minimalist like myself).

Beautiful! I like 'Onemuri Nasai" most. Quite a difference between these classical vocals and the rougher folk style of the Panzereze songs.

Coincidentally, I also came across this for the first time a few weeks ago. I wonder if it was just recently added to Apple Music and Spotify? Perhaps the other albums will be made available digitally at some point. I’m especially interested in hearing Say, but would rather not import the CD.

I think the Danny Boy EP is digital only, but I’d need to confirm that. For some reason a number of Japanese albums released on CD were never re-released on iTunes and the like which seems like a missed opportunity.

I would happily buy digital copies of the albums for the usual price if they decided to keep them off streaming services (apparently they make less money from these services compared to album purchases).

I’ve been listening to the EP some more, and I think Onemurinasai is my favourite track too. Confirmation bias maybe, but there’s no question that it is indeed beautiful.

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