Crystal Bearers - Shades of Arcadia?

Doesn’t it totally look like it? Can’t wait to see how it ends up :slight_smile:

PS: Can’t visit often, doing my army service. Nevermind the site hosting Solo, thanks!

Edit was to add a working video link.

Well, if it’s also anything close to being as good as Skies of Arcadia I’m not going to complain. ;D

Anybody have any news on this? I want…

sigh Part of me wants to place an outright boycott on anything Square Enix, but. . . I REAAAAALLY want to play The World Ends With You.

Yes, I thougrouly enjoyed The World Ends With You! It’s a must have for any DS owner. This game told a fresh story and had an inovative, fun touch screen battle system.

There’s still no release date for this? Wow, and that trailer is over a year old too…

On a somewhat related note, I’ve been very surprised at SE’s lack of output on next-gen consoles (including the Wii). They’re practically shitting DS games, but they still only have one Wii game and one 360 game (I don’t consider the FFXI port a 360 game). None of their PS3 projects even have release dates yet!

Very surprising indeed…