Crimson Dragon demo available on Japanese XBLA

Lifeflower on Twitter seemed to be the first to note that the demo is apparently available:

No idea if this is a mistake or not, but I’ve created a Japanese account and am downloading it now. From what I’ve seen though the demo seems mostly identical to the demo that was playable at PAX. Someone uploaded a video of the demo here:

I might look into creating a video of my own, but I first need to dust of my Kinect and see if I can get it working properly.

I played the demo twice and recorded the second playthrough. Good thing is that the demo is entirely localized! What’s odd though is that the demo seems to be the same as the one released earlier this year at PAX, given the delay I thought they were going to make significant changes to the game. Otherwise the gameplay is about the same as Child of Eden, which is probably the best the current Kinect can accomplish.

I’ll upload the video once it’s done encoding.

EDIT: the demo has apparently been removed. It was to be expected that this was a mistake. Good thing I managed to get it while it was available, but I’m not so sure about uploading it to Youtube now as they may try to take it down. Solo, should I upload it to TWOTA directly? It’s your call, I’m not sure if it’s worth the risk.

Interesting! Perhaps just upload it to TWOTA but not the YouTube channel at this point.

I’m uber jealous of everyone that can play this game (my xbox is on the other side of the world, so no way I could). Thanks for the video footage too, this game looks outstanding. And the music, oh, the music is wonderful too. I’m very excited about this game.

Seems well put together outside frame rate issues and the Kinect. Guess it’s easy to get past the dragon designs when just focusing on the rest of the game, and the flapping wings are spot on. Here’s a video with it played in English. You’re called a Seeker.

There’s some more information about Crimson Dragon’s Seekers in the Side Story too, Alex. Check out my playthrough videos on the site.

Draikin, I just watched your video again and made an observation. The girl who is talking (is it confirmed to be Sana?) says that she has never seen one of those creatures before when the hestrine first appears. However, in Crimson Dragon: Side Story, Sana fights a hestrine. So, it appears that Crimson Dragon takes place before Crimson Dragon: Side Story otherwise Sana would have recognised the hestrine. Unless, the side story takes place during Crimson Dragon, but after the tutorial episodes.

I’m glad that someone here managed to get the demo before it was removed from the marketplace.

There are lots of people who really wanted this demo, but didn’t find out about it in time. Anyone who has the demo and a USB drive can easily copy it to a USB drive and use a special extraction tool to save to their PC and upload to the net, which is very easy. There are sites that host 360 demos (not full releases or hacked demos, of course) so people that can’t get Xbox Live (like myself) can get these demos. It would be great if someone here could upload it somewhere, especially since it doesn’t look like this game will be released on 360, but likely 720 instead.



Apparently there’s been a small update: … ot-far-off

Not related to the demo but it wasn’t really enough information to start a new thread about.

Thanks for sharing, Berserker. I’ve made a post about this article on the front page.

Oh, and regarding this:

Microsoft and Grounding could get quite annoyed if we shared the demo around, considering that they deliberately pulled it from Xbox Live. It’s probably better to wait until after the game is actually released.

Draikin, did these avatar awards unlock when you played the leaked demo? … on-dragon/