Crimson Dragon 2 to be an RPG like Saga

Some interesting news here, it seems Yukio Futatsugi is planning to take the same approach with Crimson Dragon as he did with Panzer Dragoon in the sense that the next Crimson Dragon game would take the form of an RPG. Read the full story here:

Apparently the latest magazine of the website in question also has a complete interview with Yukio Futatsugi about the making of Panzer Dragoon, which certainly sounds interesting. That said, it appears we still don’t know what’s happening with the current CD game. Also, the fate of the franchise will probably be determined by the success of the first game, and with it being a Kinect shooter it remains to be seen whether it can really achieve the sales needed to guarantee a sequel.

For the love of all that is holy, Crimson Dragon must sell enough to warrant this sequel.

This would essentially be the spiritual sequel to Panzer Dragoon Saga itself.

Why? Why no love for the PS3?

Because Microsoft is the publisher and presumably owns the Crimson Dragon IP (unless it is owned by Grounding, but that seems unlikely). It’s a bit like asking why The Last Guardian isn’t coming to 360.

I bought a digital copy of the magazine to read the interview. While I can’t and won’t post the content for obvious reasons, it seems more or less similar to the 1Up article about the Panzer Dragoon Series. I still have to read it completely, but I can say they mentioned Panzer Dragoon Genos fan movie as an example of how the fans wanted a sequel more than Sega did. No mention of TWOTA though.

Now thats something i didn?t know. Too bad for me :frowning:

Did you have to buy a whole subscription?

The game may not have been made at all without Microsoft publishing it, and it being designed for Kinect was surely a motivation for Microsoft to do so. It seems to aimed at getting core gamers to buy a Kinect.

Which makes the prospects of a Crimson Dragon sequel that doesn’t use Kinect all the more interesting…

Microsoft should fund a full sized Crimson Dragon RPG to rival the Final Fantasy series. One can dream!

No, I just bought the online version of this magazine (at least I don’t think so lol). I actually forgot about it and only read it completely today. Nothing too amazing but there’s some interesting stuff there that I don’t think we know about. For example, Futatsugi mentioned that the basic “The Long Afternoon of Earth”, a book he read in elementary school, was the first basic inspiration for Panzer Dragoon. The article also describes the difficulties they had when creating Panzer Dragoon Saga, they didn’t really know how much work it would take to add all the voice acting and 3D characters to the game. When talking about Orta, Futatsugi also reiterated (see 1Up interview) that his intention was for Saga to end with Edge’s death and for Azel’s quest to come to nothing. But despite what Futatsugi seems to think, PD Orta doesn’t actually contradict that ending.

Interesting bits of information.

Perhaps Team Andromeda intended Sestren (the network) to be destroyed when the Divine Visitor pressed the button? It looks that way at the end of Panzer Dragoon Saga when Sestren appears to be reduced to blackness after Edge and the dragon disappear. If so, that would mean that Azel couldn’t have entered Sestren to find Edge’s body (or a recording of his DNA).