cpk2avi headaches

Yup, that’s right, time for another one of these. Sorry.

Well, I’ve been trying to pull a few of the cpks off my PD games, and have been having some problems, 2 problems, actually.

  1. I ran the cpk2avi converter on one of the intro cpks from PD1. The program ran fine, and created the avi, but I can’t seem to play it. Winamp just flat out refuses to do anything, and media player gives me an error about lacking a class. So, I decided to try the converter out on a PDS cpk to see if I’d have more luck, which leads to problem number…

  2. My PDS discs are showing up completely empty in explorer. I haven’t the foggiest idea why, or what to do about it.

If anyone has had any experiences similar to these, or has any advice, I’d appreciate your help. Thanks.

Ah HAH! Who the hell ever came up with the idea for hidden files, anyway? Dammit.

Well, that takes care of problem 2, any help with number 1?

Have you tried downloading the latest version of Winamp? (Winamp 5) That is possibly the problem.


Also, maybe try the ACPK2AVI converter, it’s supposed to be better, although I don’t know how exactly.

You’re absolutely right, acpk2avi is a helluva lot better. The Saga videos that converted turned out much better, and the PD1 ones worked. Well, that takes care of that. Next time I make a useless topic like this, feel free to smack me upside the head, or at least the virtual equivalent.

Side note: For any of you who have used acpk2avi, do you know of any way to get rid of those little hickups/skips that occur every few seconds in the avi files?

I don’t recall any glitches in the movies… hmm. At least not any that I noticed. How fast is your PC? Sometimes that can be the problem when trying to play certain types of movie files.

Maybe I should just take this accursed CPK2AVI converter off the site, and just leave the ACPK2AVI one?

Well, damn. I think those glitches might be a sign of something more serious. Whenever I try to import those converted videos into movie maker and incorporate them into a timeline, the program gives me an error and kills itself. Anyone else have this problem, or am I just cursed?

As far as my pc, its got 2.x gigahertz, 256 meg of ram, and a 32 mb radeon video card. I hope that’s not the problem. Also, the fact that the hiccups occur in exactly the same place each time I play the video makes me think that playback is not the problem, but rather the file itself. Maybe acpk2avi isn’t all that great after all… Or, as I said, I’m just cursed.

acpk2avi is actually inferior to cpk2avi. The former does not work with several games… for instance, Dragon Force. The latter however, does.

The latter just has to have iccvid.dll for the ride for the conversion to be performed properly. It’s just stupid that the file is missing from most Windows installations.

I wish I could remember where to download a large assortment of video codecs. Give me a bit and I may be able to find it again.

I found a site that seems promising:



They seem to be under the impression that all versions of windows “since 1995” have had this. Odd.


Turns out I DO have iccvid.dll. So, I don’t think that’s the problem, unless this version is somehow better.


There’s also another version of iccvid included with cpk2avi, but I have no idea which of the three versions is better, or why it would matter.

Partial Success:

By overwriting the iccvid.dll file in my system32 folder with the one included with cpk2avi, I was able to create an awesome, fully useable hiccup free avi file of an fmv from PDS.

Unfortunately, I still cannot use cpk2avi to convert a PD fmv. It creates the file, but the file won’t play. Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: Problem seems to be related to length. Not sure how, though.

EDIT: And, trying to put a PDS clip next to a PD1 clip still makes media player crash. Ugh, this is getting ridiculous…